Ultima Online Pet Abilites


Tail Swipe

Description: Trains the creature in the Tail Swipe special ability, causing the creature to lash its tail at targets resulting in direct damage and a chance of paralysis and confusion, resulting in a decrease of intelligence and dexterity.
Ability Type: Special Ability
Training Cost: 100 Training Points
Mana Cost: 30
Damage: 10
Damage Type: Direct
Proc/Spell/Replace: Procs on Hit
Stat Modifiers:
Debuffs: Chance to Paralyze
Chance to Reduce Int/Dex by 20 for 5 seconds
Healing/Buffs: None
Journal Text: Text when hit: The creature's tail smashes into you!
Text when stunned: You're stunned as the creature's tail knocks the wind out of you.
Text when debuffed: You're left confused as the creature's tail catches you right in the face!
Other Notes:

Pets Capable of Learning Tail Swipe
Bake Kitsune
Bake Kitsune (Legacy)
Bane Dragon
Cu Sidhe
Frost Drake
High Plains Boura
Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Skeletal Cat
Stone Slith
Stygian Drake
Tsuki Wolf
White Wyrm
White Wyrm (Legacy)


Description: The description of the ability as given in the training menu.
Ability Type: The Ability Classificatiion (Special Ability, Special Move, Area of Effect).
Training Cost: The cost (in Training Points) required for the pet to learn this ability.
Mana Cost: The mana cost of each use of the ability.
Damage: The observed Damage Range of the ability against a target with 0 Resists.
Damage Type:

The damage type of the ability:
Phsyical, Fire, Cold, Poison, Energy, or Direct.

Note: Direct damage (also "True" damage) ignores resists.

Proc/Spell/Replace: Denotes how the ability triggers.

Proc on Hit: A 'Proc on Hit' means the ability can trigger (proc) when your pet performs a normal melee hit.
Proc when Hit: A 'Proc when Hit' means the ability can trigger (proc) when your pet is hit by an attack.
Spell: A Spell means the pet will stop all other attacks in order to cast the ability.
Replace: Replace means when the ability is triggered it will replace the next melee attack.
Stat Modifiers: Do stats (such as Str, Int, or Base Damage) appear to affect the ability damage in any way.
Debuffs: Any Debuffs the ability applies
Healing: Any Healing the ability applies
Journal Text: Text that will appear in your journal if you are hit by this ability.
Other Notes: Any other notes or observations about the ability worth mentioning.