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Publish 117: Shrouded Sails


Shrouded Sails is the Spring 2024 event for Ultima Online


Shrouded Sails is a multi-faceted event centered around the High Seas and pirating. It contains permanent updates to the Black Market system introduced in Rising Tide, as well as limited time content and rewards involving acquiring Plunderin' Pirate Hats through various activities, such as Pirate Hunting, Fishing, Treasure Hunting, and The Void Pool.


~ April 2024 ~

** Note: Event is currently live on Baja, Origin and Izumo **


Limited Duration Event Info


• Acquire Plunderin' Pirate Hats through various activities and trade these hats into a vendor at the Sea Market for rewards.

• Plunderin' Pirate Hats can come from:

• High Seas Ship Combat: Dread Pirates & Pirate Crew, Merchant Ship Crew, Plunderbeacons

• High Seas Encounters: Corgul, Scalis, Charybdis

• Treasure Hunting

• Fishing up Waterstained SOS's / Ancient SOS's from Messages in a Bottle

• Participating in a special Pirate Themed Void Pool Encounter


• All rewards from the Shrouded Sails vendor will be SHARD BOUND


Detailed Reward Info can be found below the Infographic below.


Rewards from Shrouded Sails Vendor

 ** On TC1 for testing purposes all items cost 5 **


The Shrouded Sails event vendor can be located at the Sea Market:

The easiest way to get there is to sail south from Moonglow, or east from New Magincia or New Haven/Ocllo


Shrouded Sails



Pirating and Black Market Rewards

Refer to our Rising Tide article for detailed information on how to participate in pirating with a High Seas ship, as well as information on all the rewards available from the Black Market vendor.

Rising Tide Article


New Black Market Rewards


Black Market Update


The Void Pool

The void pool is an endurance event that pits you against wave after wave of increasing difficult enemies.

Your objective is to defeat the waves of enemies and defend the Void Pool from being destroyed.

The more waves you defeat, the higher the score you receive.

For the duration of the Shrouded Sails event, the Void Pool has been taken over by Pirate mobs.

You have a chance to receive a Plunder' Pirate Hat after each wave of the Void Pool that you participated in.


Getting Started

The Void Pool is located in the Covetous mountains near Cove and Vesper.

It is on the second level of the Covetous dungeon.

Void Pool Entrance


Void Pool Location


Once inside The Void Pool, the encounter will begin automatically if you are the first one to enter.

If it has recently ended, you must wait up to 15 minutes for it to restart.

The Battle

Mobs will spawn from 3 locations and move towards the Void Pool Altar.

You can defend the paths individually if you have enough people, but the safer strategy is to defend the choke point before the altar.

Void Pool Paths


As the battle continues, you will receive system messages on how far you have progressed:

When the battle is finished, you will see how many waves you successfully defeated as well as any points you earned through your participation. The battle will then start a timer until it begins again.



Plunderin' Pirate Hats are rewarded automatically for your participation during the Void Pool battle.

To spend your normal Void Pool reward points, speak with Vera in the city of Cove (this vendor does not have anything specific to the Shrouded Sails event, this is the normal Void Pool vendor).