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Counterfeit Commodities


Counterfeit Commodities is the Spring event for Ultima Online


It consists of a Champion Spawn and planting Green Thorns to summon mini-abomination rabbits
that can drop counterfeit eggs when they die.


~ April &  May 2023 ~

** Note: The reward vendor will not be available until April 3rd, 2023 **


Event Info


• Plant Green Thorns in Fields to Summon a Vorpal Bunny that look like mini-abomination rabbits.

• These rabbits have a chance to drop Curiously Adorned Eggs with a Counterfeit tag

• Turn these new eggs into the Counterfeit Commodities trader at Britain Commons for rewards

• All rewards from the Counterfeit Commodities vendor will be SHARD BOUND


Detailed Reward Info can be found below the Infographic below.


Champion Spawn Information


A special champion spawn has been placed near the Savage Camp in Ilshenar. Counterfeit Curiously Adorned Eggs may drop from the waves of spawn before the boss monster.



To find the spawn, say "Ilshenar Mint" to a Crystal Portal.

Then enter the cave entrance slightly south from where you arrived.


Once through that cave, head due south until you find the altar.


Level 1: Alligators and Boglings

Level 2: Forest Ostards and Giant Serpents

Level 3: Mud Pies and Dread Spiders

Level 4: Skrees and Scorpions 


The boss is a "Putrid Swamp Bog"  whose abilities may differ shard to shard, but expect high poisoning, dismounting, and very high health. The below lore pages are from a discorded boss.






The Champion Boss drops "Bogling Hide Mukluks"
(hue 1018)




Rewards from Counterfeit Commodities Vendor

rewards info



New Parrot Colors:


Hues: 1164, 1920, 2075

1164    1920    2075


Hues: 2750, 2731

2050    2731



Snake Plant Colors:

Common Colors


2604, 2568, 2523, 2509, 2658

2604    2568    2523    2509    2658


2662, 2660, 2583, 2653, 2515

2662    2660    2583    2653    2515

Rare Colors

Hues: 2758, 2759, 2756, 2742

 2758    2759    2756    2742



New Hedge Colors:

Common Colors

2755, 2715

2755    2715

Rare Color





New Butterflies:

Common Colors

2715, 2716, 2717


Rare Colors

2751, 2757




Curiously Adorned Egg Colors

The eggs appear to drop in the same common colors as last year (see Spring Fever)

New colors observed with this content believed to be rare colors:




Quick Green Thorn Planting Guide

  • Buy plant bowl from the provisioner NPC
  • Acquire dirt, either from a field or buy 20 fertile dirt from mystic in Ter Mur
  • Get green seed
  • Get a jug of water
  • Double click dirt, click the bowl
  • Double click water, click the bowl twice so it's "soft"
  • Double click seed, click bowl to plant it
  • Now you have to check it every day. Give it water when it needs it (yellow for one drink of water or red for two drinks of water icons in the upper right) give it a greater poison or greater cure potion when it needs it (same color coding as before)
  • Do this for 16 days to keep your plant healthy and at the end one plant will generate eight seeds and eight thorns. 

You can do this on as many plant bowls as you want.



Buy the Rustic Theme expansion pack from the UO Store which gives you a single raised garden bed. More beds are available in an add-on pack. With these you simply plant the seed and wait the 16 days for a full harvest without any maintenance required.