Posted on: Wed, 01/25/2023 - 17:10 By: Jepeth

Ultima Online Publish 115

~ Datamining from patch released on 1/24/2023 ~


New Artwork



Damaged Bascinet Helmet


Damaged Viking Helmet

Damaged Paladin Helmet


Damaged Small Plate Shield


Damaged Gargish Kite Shield


Damaged Large Plate Shield



Directional Signs


Black Holes



























Animated Guild Flags



Salvage Station



Enchanted Refinement Workbench





Ultima Online: Mondain's Revenge Character Dolls




Watermelons and Plate


List of CliLocs added

TID Text


Endless Journey accounts may only turn in items bound to their account.

Endless Journey accounts may not redeem this item.

1160497 Account bound items can only be turned in by the account owner.
1160599 You have slain the kill leader.
1160655 Pixie Statuette
1160656 Sand Vortex Statuette
1160657 Moloch Statuette
1160658 Rideable Frost Mite Statuette
1160659 Salvage Station
1160660 Enchanted Refinement Workbench
1160684 BG's Fishing Pole
1160685 Guild Flag
1160686 Refinements have been placed in your backpack.
1160691 Armor Refinements: ~1_COUNT~
1160697 You must wait ~1_VAL~ seconds before starting a new auction.
1160698 Set Flag Type
1160726 Queen Dawn
1160727 King Blackthorn
1160728 Dasha
1160729 You're my best friend!
1160730 I love you!
1160731 I adore you!
1160732 Be mine!
1160733 All mine!
1160734 You're the best!
1160735 I'll hurt anyone who tries to take you from me!
1160747 Bogling Hide Mukluks


This Colored Egg Appears to Resemble A Coveted Egg But Something Isn't Quite Right...
1160752 Upon closer inspection the egg appears to be manmade and not the result of natural processes. Staring into the egg you do not feel the characteristic dream like entrance of other eggs such as this.
1160753 There is an emptiness like whatever magic is held within is gone. You have heard of a trader who is attempting to rid the market of these dubious counterfeits and you decide it may be worth visiting the Britain Commons.


Inferences and Speculation


Based on the artwork files and CliLocs, we can make the following inferences and speculations. Please note that they may not be confirmed anywhere.


  • The Spring event will involve eggs once again, but different ones than previously seen.
  • In addition to the Valentine's Day giveaway there may be a watermelon given away (perhaps for the summer?)
  • More information available in the Publish 115 Patch Notes.