Posted on: Mon, 06/25/2018 - 20:49 By: Violet

How to Train Your Legacy Nightmare


Update: Only July 13th, 2018 Developer Bleak posted: "There are more changes to come to the Pet training process, for instance, the ability to remove special abilities. I will look into this issue in a future publish." 

We do not know how they plan to implement this change yet. But what it means for Nightmares is their innate Dragon Breath ability in the future might be able to be removed.   You may want to wait to begin training on your Legacy Nightmare until after they give more information on this change, so you can apply it to your Nightmare if you should desire.


A Legacy Nightmare (or Pre-Patch Nightmare) refers to any Nightmare that was tamed prior to the Animal Taming update in Publish 97.

These lovely animals will be 2 control slots, have somewhere around 500-525 Strength, and 300-315 Hits.

A lot of returning players have these long-time companions in their stables and are the first pet they use when wanting to learn the new Animal Taming system.

However, these pets should not be used to learn the new system, as they are irreplaceable companions.

The Training: Legacy Nightmares series will serve as a guide for those wanting to train their old Legacy Nightmares for PvM without fear of ruining it.

Use the navigation below to jump to a relevant section of the guide.

If you are just starting out, begin with the top option (Part 1).



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