Posted on: Sun, 06/03/2018 - 01:09 By: Violet

Foundations: Stamina


The stamina stat controls a pet's swing speed. 

150 is the max a pet can have in stamina

A pet's stamina is capped at 150 and this is consistent across all pets.
Even if a pet has more than 150 stamina in the wild, it will be capped at 150 upon tame.

150 stamina allows a pet to swing every 1.25 seconds.

Stamina has an intensity rating of 0.5 per point.

This works out to every two points in stamina will cost 1 training point.

A pet with 150 stamina will have 75 intensity points in stamina.

Intensity weight .5, 75 total weight

Stamina works in increments of 30.

For every 30 points in stamina, a pets swing time will be reduced by .25 of a second.  

Swing speed per stamina:

  • 1-29 stamina: 2.5 seconds
  • 30-59 stamina: 2.25 seconds
  • 60-89 stamina: 2.00 seconds
  • 90-119 stamina: 1.75 seconds
  • 120-149 stamina: 1.50 seconds
  • 150 stamina: 1.25 seconds


Stamina of 120-149 will make 40 swings per minute, while 150 stamina will make 48 swings per minute, a 20% increase.

Stamina can be temporarily reduced by a pet taking hard hits or stamina reducing abilities. 

This can reduce the swing speed rate as it falls below the above thresholds.

A pet can regain stamina via Focus and Stamina Regeneration.