Posted on: Tue, 04/23/2019 - 05:38 By: Khyro

Pet Search

Use the below search options to specify criteria you want to search for. The criteria is Inclusive, meaning you will only see results that match every option you select.

Note: Selecting multiple abilities, such "Armor Ignore", "Chivalry", "Conductive Blast", and "Feint", does not mean the listed pets can train all of those abilities at once.
Rather, it means those are all an option for the pet to train individually.

Detailed instructions, including a description of each search field, can be found here: New Feature: Pet Search

Basic Pet Information
Starting Slot:
Maximum Slot:
Multiple Hues:
Damage Type (Greater or Equal)
Physical Damage:
Fire Damage:
Cold Damage:
Poison Damage:
Energy Damage:
Resists (Greater or Equal)
Physical Resist:
Fire Resist:
Cold Resist:
Poison Resist:
Energy Resist:
Overcapped Stats and Skills
Strength: Wrestling:
Dexterity: Tactics:
Intelligence: Resisting Spells:

Trainable Magical Abilities
Bashing Battle Defense
Bushido Chivalry
Discordance Magery Mastery
Mysticism Necromage
Necromancy Ninjitsu
Piercing Poisoning
Slashing Spellweaving
Wrestle Mastery 
Trainable Special Abilities
Angry Fire Conductive Blast
Dragon Breath Grasping Claw
Inferno Life Leech
Lightning Force Mana Drain
Raging Breath Repel
Rune Corruption Searing Wounds
Steal Life Sticky Skin
Tail Swipe Venomous Bite
Vicious Bite 
Trainable Special Moves
Armor Ignore Armor Pierce
Bladeweave Bleed
Block Cold Wind
Concussion Blow Crushing Blow
Dismount Feint
Force of Nature Frenzied Whirlwind
Mortal Strike Nerve Strike
Paralyze Psychic Attack
Talon Strike 
Trainable AoE
Aura of Energy
Aura of Nausea
Essence of Disease
Essence of Earth
Explosive Goo
Poison Breath