Posted on: Tue, 09/11/2018 - 02:23 By: Violet

Chivalry vs Magery


In Ultima Online, it is said Chivalry is good, but just how good is it?

In these tests, we took logs from two similar wyrms, Jorge, who is Chivalry and Zanfran who is Magery on DPS drones on test center.  They both have leveled 120 skills.

Strength Tactics Int Chivalry
759 120 405 120


Damage Tests


Jorge, Chivalry White Wyrm
Damage per 5 minutes of combat
Test #: Damage EoO Uptime
One 37,617 28.3%
Two 40,407 42.2%
Three 40,185 42.0%
Four 39,969 41.7%
Five 47,995 73.3%
Six 45,637 59.5%
Seven 44,853 56.1%
Eight 44,086 54.9%
Nine 44,401 56.7%
Ten 32,838 11.7%

Removing the highest and lowest and averaging the 8 remaining records, on a zero resist target Jorge did an average of 42,144 damage per 5 minutes.

Consecrate Weapon on a drone is a dps loss as the formula actually makes the pet do less damage, the same with armor ignore.  So the damage over 5 minutes of a chivalry wyrm is actually higher.


Zanfran, Magery White Wyrm
Damage per 5 minutes of combat
Test #: Damage % Damage Magical
One 33,750 7.6%
Two 34,611 8%
Three 33,278 5.8%
Four 33,899 6.8%
Five 32,744 6.2%
Six 33,921 6.7%
Seven 33,216 7.4%
Eight 33,913 8.1%
Nine 33,567 6.5%
Ten 32,598 Data Not Available

The damage of the Zanfran was much more consistent, but the magery damage only equated for 6-8% of his dps.  All except one test, it vastly under performed Chivalry

Removing highest and lowest, Zanfran averaged 33,536.  



If you skipped the tests above and just want the results, here they are summarized:

Chivalry White Wyrm - 42,144 Average Damage over 5 Minutes
Magery White Wyrm - 33,536 Average Damage over 5 Minutes

On average (without considering the DPS loss in the test of Consecrate Weapon and Armor Ignore), a Chivalry pet will do 25% more dps than the exact same spec'd animal with Magery.   However, when the RNG gods are in your favor, it can be a 50%+ DPS increase.