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Ultima Online: Krampus Event


• Publish 103 in Ultima Online brought a new seasonal encounter, Krampus. 
• Publish 107 has brought back Krampus again, with some new loot!
• December 4th, 2020 - Krampus is back for another round! (No new drops this year)
• December 1st, 2020 - Krampus has returned, and he wants to do some punishing!

Part 1: Trade Orders
Part 2: Krampus Encounter
Part 3: Rewards


Part 1: Trade Orders

Krampus is spawned in UO by running trade order missions.  To start a trade order, you need to find a Trade Minister in a town.  Every town that has a Governor's Seat, has a Trade Minister.  Most are located at a town's docks.

Above is the Britain Trade Minister.


Accept the trade order and you are given a special giftbox. 


While this giftbox is in your posession, you will not be able to teleport, recall or gate.


When you mouseover your giftbox it will give you a destination city and an item (or items) to be delivered to that destination city.   You then find those items for sale on a vendor in the city you are in. You can also acquire the items from the destination city if they have appropriate vendors.



Before you get on your way you will need to fill your box.  If it's a single item you just drag and drop onto the box.  If it's multiple items, you bring up the context menu with your left mouse button and select "fill from backpack".

Now you are ready to get on your way. You will want to bring your weapons of choice or your running shoes.

For the encounter to advance towards Krampus spawning you cannot use public moongates.

So you may want to bring a boat.

Once you reach your destination city, you need to locate that city's Trade Minister. Open the context menu on the Trade Minister and select 'Turn in a Trade Order'


Select the completed trade order box from your inventory.


The town stone of the the town you started in will then receive a money reward and you will receive a gift.
These gifts can include Scrolls of Transcendence, Resources (ingots, woods, scales, granite) or a sign.


Between all people running trade orders, over 20 correct trade order missions will need to be run before Krampus has a chance of spawning.



Part 2: Krampus Encounter

On your way to your destination you are likely to be ambushed.


The closer Krampus is to spawning, the more difficult the ambushers become.

There are 5 waves of ambushers, each ambusher set contains between 3 and 5 mobs.

Ambushers do not need to be killed for the run to count towards spawning Krampus. You can choose to ignore the ambushers, but they may attack other unsuspecting players (they will also despawn if left alone for a period of time).


Wave 1: Frost Oozes and Frost Spiders


Wave 2: Snow Elementals & Ice Elementals


Wave 3: Snakes and Frost Trolls


Wave 4: Ice Friends and White Wyrms

NOTE: These are not normal Ice Fiends and White Wyrms and can have over 2600 health.


Wave 5: Minions

(~3500 health for the Minions in Wave 5)


You can also get water ambushers when traveling by boat.

These are the same mobs for each wave, but their health increases.



End Encounter: Minions and Krampus


If Krampus spawns on you during a trade mission you will get a double message.
The first message indicates you sense an attack. The second message gives you the spawning location of Krampus. 

You only get the message of where Krampus spawned when you are on an active trade order.  Get out that sextant and start working your way to the spawn.  

Trade Ministers will stop issuing Trade Orders once Krampus has spawned. They will instead bark the location that Krampus is located when you try to get an order.

You may, however, still turn in an active trade order while Krampus is out.

Krampus spawns five minutes after the spawn message appears. 

Before he can be attacked, his guardians (a set of minions) need to be killed.

Krampus has a small tether radius and will leash (or rubber-band) back to his starting location if pulled too far away.

Example Krampus Lore:

Krampus Lore


Krampus has around ~40k Hit Points, and will regen incredibly fast when not engaged


Each time Krampus spawns he can spawn with a different Weapon Specialization


Piercing Specialization


Bashing Specialization


 Slashing Specialization


Krampus' Resist Spread favors Fire, Energy and/or Poison Damage.   


Based on actual spawned resist spreads, the best rideable magical pets for Krampus are the
Reptalon or Fire Steed, followed by the Nightmare and CU.   

Rune corruption is very powerful on Krampus due to his high resists.
The best rune corruption pets would be the Fire Beetle or Rune Beetle. 
The best non-rideable magical pets would be: Poison Drake, Dread Spider, Fire Drake, and Energy Drake.


Krampus also has Fiendish Calling AI, like that of Dark Father/Shadowguard, where adds (minions) will spawn throughout the encounter and need to be dealt with.  He throws a minion at a person or pet (top-left of image):


 and a second later multiple minions will spawn around them.

These minions are much easier than the minions that ambush you.


He will also randomly teleport an individual to him during the fight.


Occasionally when he teleports you to him, he will do a 'Bone Breaker' special move on you. This move does massive stamina damage, and applies a debuff that will continually drain your stamina over time until it wears off. After getting hit with a Bone Breaker move, you gain an immunity to being hit with it again for a short duration.

Krampus Teleport

Bone Breaker

Bone Breaker Immunity


Last, but not least, Krampus has a range-based Area of Effect attack. The closer you are standing to him, the more damage you take (we've seen hits up to ~45 damage). Since this attack is non-target based, he will often switch aggro after doing this attack, so stay on your toes!


Frost Drakes

Spawning around the Krampus encounter area will be a new tameable pet, the Frost Drake. These only spawn when Krampus has ambushed a trade route. They do not spawn during the other ambusher waves.

It is a dragonkin without "dragon ai" (no dragon breath) but comes with the innate ability cold wind.

Frost Drake

Head over to their Bestiary page to see a full breakdown of their intensity.



Part 3: Rewards

Players who have not participated in any trade order runs between killing Krampus will have a reduced chance at getting Krampus rewards.  The chance increases with 1 and 2 completed trade order runs.

Players who complete at least 3 trade order runs between killing Krampus will be guaranteed to get a Krampus reward.

For a trade order run to count, you cannot use a Moongate.

Rewards inside Krampus' Coin Purse are weighted toward the newer rewards
(meaning you have a better chance to get the newer items in a Coin Purse)


Possible Krampus Drops

Krampus Coin Purse:


The bag is an ice blue hue #1154.

In the Coin Purse you are guaranteed a handful of gems and some gold and a trinket. 


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Possible trinkets found within Krampus' Coin Purse include:


Dirty Snowballs

These function identical to a Pile of Snow, allowing you to throw snowballs at characters carrying an item.


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Golden Branch, given to positive karma individuals

Silver Branch, given to negative karma individuals

Krampus Silver Branch Krampus Silver Brance


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Krampus' Punishin' List with the Name (Your Character) Circled


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Cards of Semidar (including a new Krampus card):

Krampus Card

 Minax The Enchantress   Professor Elliot Rafkin   Juo'nar The Lich

Shamino Salle Dacil   Nystul the Mage   Dupre the Paladin


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Trinkets Added in Publish 107


Krampus Star
Decorative item that can be double-clicked. Comes in multiple hues.

 Krampus Stars

Krampus Star


Obtainable in the following Hues:

Star 1920   Star Hue 1920
Star   Star Hue 1100
Star   Star Hue 2075 (Abyssal)
Star   Star Hue 2729 (Baby Blue)
Krampus 1371   1371 Hue 1371
Krampus Star 2   Krampus Star 2 Hue 2



• • • • • • • • • • • •


Rude Ranger's Tunic

Hue 1367

Rude Ranger's Tunic

Rude Ranger's Tunic

Ranger Tunic

• • • • • • • • • • • •


Naughty Elf's Gloves

Hue 2051

Elf Gloves

Naughty Elf's Gloves

Elf Gloves


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Broken Wristwatch

A decorative item that can be double-clicked.

Krampus Wristwatch

Krampus Wristwatch


Other Possible Rewards (not from the Coin Purse):


A Deed For A Reward Title "Nice"


• • • • • • • • • • • •


A Deed For A Reward Title "Naughty"


• • • • • • • • • • • •


A Deed For A Reward Title "Punisher"

Krampus Punisher


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Recipe: Krampus Minion Hat (gargoyles have a earrings recipe)


Krampus Hat


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Recipe: Krampus Minion Boots (gargoyles have talons recipe)


• • • • • • • • • • • •


You also have a chance to receive a new type of weapon called Whips.

Note: The individual whip drops have been replaced with recipes as of Pub 107

Bladed Whips are for Swordsmanship and have the Bleed & Whirlwind special moves.
Spiked Whips are for Fencing and have the Armor Pierce & Whirlwind special moves.
Barbed Whips are for Mace Fighting and have the Concussion Blow & Whirlwind special moves.

The whips are exceptional and can be imbued and reforged.


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Krampus Rewards Added in Publish 107

Recipes for each of the 3 types of whips: Bladed, Barbed, and Spiked

Barbed Whip Recipe   Spiked Whip Recipe   Bladed Whip Recipe

Whip Recipe

(all 3 whips have the same material requirements)


These whips can be reforged with Smithing Runics.

The can be enhanced with metal via Tinkering.


• • • • • • • • • • • •


Krampus Reward Added in Publish 111

Recipe scroll for a shield orb craftable.

The shield orb is an off-hand equippable item that can be used a Transmog target for shields.

The recipe can be found in the Blacksmithing menu, under Shields.

It requires 75 Blacksmithing and 100 Magery to craft.

Shield Orb

Shield Orb

Orb Recipe