Posted on: Thu, 10/12/2023 - 19:05 By: Violet

Treasures of the Feudal Lands


Treasures of the Feudal Lands is a new Treasures-Style Event in Ultima Online.


~ Halloween 2023 ~

Live on all shards beginning October 18th


Event Info


• This event takes place in the overland of the Tokuno Islands

• Kill enemies within the event area for a chance to have an item "of the Shogun" drop into your inventory.

• These "of the Shogun" items are the currency for this Event.

• You can turn-in these items to the Artifact Trader outside of the Makoto desert, north of Zento, in exchange for points (1:1 ratio).

• Spend your points at the Artifact Trader for items

• All items are Shard Bound


Detailed Reward Info can be found below the Infographic at the bottom of the page.


UO Treasures of the Feudal Lands Infographic



Detailed Reward Info


~~ Pages of Lore ~~

Whispers in the Wind 1

Whispers in the Wind 2

Whispers in the Wind 3

Whispers in the Wind 4

Whispers in the Wind 5

Whispers in the Wind 6


~~ Ozymandias' Hiryu ~~

This is a 1-slot untrainable pet.

This is an alternative graphic for the Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon mount, which provides a permanent 12% damage reduction to the rider (does not work in PvP).

The mount is instant-bond, cannot be traded, and is hue 2500.



~~ Storm Lord's Steel ~~

This weapon can be imbued

~~ Weeping Edge ~~

This weapon can be imbued

~~ Warlord Sash ~~

There is a display issue on the reward vendor that shows Random Primary Stat and Intelligence 4.

This does not come with both stats. The Intelligence 4 bonus is overwritten with a random primary stat (Int/Str/Dex) when claimed.