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Ultima Online: Rising Tide and Black Market Event Guide

-- Updated with Pub 117 Rewards --


Ultima Online Publish 104 brought changes to the High Seas
 including a new event called "Rising Tide" as well as a permanent addition of the Black Market vendor, which has been updated several times since release.


~ This information is evergreen and still relevant to current publishes ~


Table of Contents
Preparing Your Ship
Piloting Your Ship and Finding Other Ships
Ship Combat
Repairing Your Ship
Maritime Trade Cargo
Reward Items

Rising Tide Town Cryer

Rising Tide Town Cryer




To participate in the Rising Tide Event, you will need the High Seas expansion.

In addition, you will need to acquire the following:

  • A Galleon class ship
    • Tokuno Ship
      • Acquired from the Zento Shipwright, or from the Sea Market for 150,002 Gold
      • Has 5 Cannon Mount Points
      • Can hold 16,000 Stones in the Cargo Hold
    • Gargoyle Ship
      • Acquired from the Sea Market for 200,002 Gold
      • Has 7 Cannon Mount Points
      • Can hold 12,000 Stones in the Cargo Hold
    • Orc Ship
      • Acquired from combining Ruined Orc Ship Pieces 1-8 (random reward from the Professional Bounty Hunter Quest)
      • Has 7 Cannon Mount Points
      • Does increased Cannon damage
      • Can hold 14,000 Stones in the Cargo Hold
    • Britannian Ship
      • Acquired from the Britain Library Community Collection (10,000,000 Points)
      • Can also be acquired from the Sovereign Store
      • Has 9 Cannon Mount Points
      • Can hold 28,000 Stones in the Cargo Hold

Tokuno Ship                                                                         Gargoyle Ship

Tokuno Ship           Gargoyle Ship

Orc Ship                                                                           Britannian Ship

Orc Ship           Britannian Ship


  • Ship Cannons
    • A Carronade or a Culverin can be crafted by a Blacksmith and are functionally identical
    • Ship Cannons can be acquired from Cargo Holds of scuttled ships
  • Cannon Ammunition
    • Cannonball - Crafted by a Blacksmith, fires a single high-damage projectile against a Ship
    • Grapeshot - Crafted by a Blacksmith, fires multiple low-damage projectiles that can hit a ship multiple times, and can damage the ship's crew.
    • Ammunition is always in the Cargo Hold of scuttled ships, so plunder it!
  • Powder Charge
    • Can be Crafted by a Tailor (requires 1 Yard of Cloth and 4 Black Powder)
    • Can be obtained from the Ship Painting (part of the King's Collection theme pack)
    • Powder Charges are always available in the Cargo Hold of scuttled ships, so plunder it!
  • Fuse Cord
    • Can be Crafted by an Alchemist (requires 1 Black Powder, 1 Ball of Yarn, and 1 Potash)
    • Fuse Cords are always available in the Cargo Hold of scuttled ships, so plunder it!
  • A Torch
    • You will need a lit Torch in order to fire your cannons. Torches can be acquired from a Provisioner.
  • Note on Saltpeter
    • Saltpeter is the most needed ingredient as it is required to craft Black Powder.
    • Saltpeter can be mined from Niter deposits from within dungeons (luck improves the yield).
    • Saltpeter can also be purchased from Alchemists at the Sea Market, Moonglow Docks, and Britain Docks


Preparing Your Ship


Before heading out into the High Seas to engage in Ship Combat, you need to prepare your Ship.

  • Deploy your ship if you haven't done so already.
    • Go to any shore with unobstructed water (docks are the easiest)
    • Double-click the Ship Deed (or Ship Model if you acquired a second-hand ship)
    • Choose a directional facing (this will depend on where you are deploying it)
    • Position your ship in the water so it is unobstructed and click. If placement is valid your ship will appear, otherwise you will get an error that either indicates something is blocking the ship or the placement was too far away.
  • Board Your Ship
    • You can board and disembark ships by double-clicking on the Mooring Lines
  • Place Your Cannons
    • Make sure your ship is near shore or a dock
    • Double-click your Carronade or Culverin deed and target an empty Weapon Pad to place your cannon
    • Repeat for all the other Weapon Pads you want to arm (you do not need to arm every Weapon Pad)


Empty Weapon Pad                                                                  Deployed Weapon Pad

Weapon Pad         Weapon Pad


  • Add Munitions To Your Cannons
    • Double-click a cannon to open up the new Cannon container
    • Place a stack of Fuse Cords, Powder Charges, and Ammunition inside the Cannon Container
    • You can also drop resources directly onto the Cannon to add them to the container
    • When operating your Cannon, it will automatically pull resources from this container

Cannon Container


  • Prep Your Cannons
    • Any worthy Seafaring adventurer should be ready for combat at all times!
    • To control your Cannons, double-click on them and prepare them for firing by pressing the "Prep" button
    • This will begin the automated Cannon preparation process, which will Charge, Load, and Prime the Cannon

Cannon Prep    Cannon Prep

Cannon Prep    Cannon Prep


You are now ready to head out onto the High Seas!


Piloting Your Ship and Finding Other Ships


Piloting your ship can be done a couple different ways.

  • Direct Control
    • To directly control your ship, double-click the Wheel on the ship to begin piloting
      • You cannot pilot while mounted, so make sure to dismount first
    • Right-click on the water in any direction to begin moving your ship
    • If your destination is too far from your current heading, your ship will turn to face that direction
    • Use closer and more precise mouse movements for finer control
  • Tillerman Commands
    • You can also issue verbal commands directly to your Tillerman
    • This allows you to stay mobile on the deck of your ship, combat enemies, and man the cannons
    • The commands are as follows:
      • Forward - Moves you forward
      • Back - Moves you backwards
      • Left - Moves you directly left
      • Right - Moves you directly right
      • Forward Left - Moves you forward at an angle to the left
      • Forward Right - Moves you forward at an angle to the right
      • Back Left - Moves you backwards at an angle to the left
      • Back Right - Moves you backwards at an angle to the right
      • Stop - Stops all movement
      • Turn Left - Turns your ship 90 degrees to the left
      • Turn Right - Turns your ship 90 degrees to the right
      • Turn Around - Turns your ship around 180 degrees
    • You can also more precisely control ship movements by combining the above commands with the following speed controls:
      • Slow <command> - Moves in the specified direction at a slower pace (i.e. Slow Left, Slow Back)
      • <command> One - Moves a single tile in the specified direction (i.e. Left One, Forward One)

Now that you know how to pilot your ship, it's time to head out and find some Pirates to scuttle!
... Or Merchant ships to Pillage, if you prefer!

The easiest way to find ships is to use Ship Tracking. Ship Tracking is an innate ability you get when aboard a Galleon and does not require the actual "Tracking" skill.

  • Ship Tracking
    • While on your ship, say "Start Tracking" to bring up tracking arrows for any nearby ships
    • If you do not see any arrows, then there are no ships nearby. Move to a new area and try again.
    • Ship Tracking will track up to 5 ships in a 200 tile area
    • Ship Tracking tracks ALL ship types in the area, including other player ships

Ship Tracking

Ship Tracking

Now follow your tracking arrows until you find a target you are happy with.


Ship Combat


To engage in ship combat, you will want to decide how you are more comfortable fighting.

  • Head On
    • With this method, you typically only control the Bow Cannon (front), and point the Bow of your ship directly at your target (this can be the Front, Back, or Side) and just fire from the Single Cannon.
  • Hit-and-Run
    • With this method, you typically get close enough to your target to fire your Cannon(s), then retreat out of range to reload. This method can be safer, but is more time consuming.
  • Broadside
    • With this method, you typically approach the ship with your Port or Starboard side facing the side of your target. Positioning this way allows you to hit them with multiple cannons at once, for a much faster kill, but at a higher risk to yourself.

You will also want to grab the controls for all your cannons (or just the ones you plan to use), and move their gump somewhere convenient. I position mine to mirror the layout of the ship I am using:

Cannon Control Gumps


Now approach your target and begin firing. If you are in proper range, you will see damage numbers appear from your target when you fire your cannons:

Cannon Damage


The Tokuno Ship, Gargoyle Ship, and Britannian Ship will do 5000 Damage per Cannonball.

The Orcish Ship will do 6500 Damage per Cannonball.

Dread Pirate Ships and Tokuno Merchant Ships will take around 70,000 points of damage before they are scuttled.

Gargoyle Merchant Ships take around 100,000 damage before they are scuttled.

Once you scuttle your target, you can board their ship by double-clicking on the Mooring Line on their ship.

Scuttled Ship


Kill the Crew, Loot the Cargo Hold, and any ship deck containers for resources and a chance at Maritime Trade Cargo.

Cargo Hold




Plunderbeacons are a new stationary enemy ship/platform found on the High Seas.

Plunderbeacon    Plunderbeacon

They are heavily fortified with cannons on all sides, and are manned by 8 Orcish Crew.

The central beacon (the Lighthouse) is immune to all damage while the Orcish Crew are alive.

You will need some way to deal ranged damage to defeat the Orcish Crew, as there is no way to board the Plunderbeacon in order to fight in melee combat.

Once the Orcish Crew are defeated, position one of your ship cannons to be in range of the Lighthouse and begin firing on it.

The Lighthouse takes just over 65,000 points of damage before it is destroyed in spectacular fashion:

Plunderbeacon Kill

Plunderbeacon Kill

You can receive Maritime Trade Cargo from killing the Orcish Crew, and a Maritime Trade Cargo of Mythical quality after defeating the beacon.



Repairing Your Ship


If your ship takes too much damage in combat, it will become scuttled. When your ship is scuttled, it cannot move.

Scuttled Ship


To repair your ship, you need to get it near the Shore. Luckily you can apply Emergency Repairs from the water, which will allow your ship to move extremely slow for several minutes.

To apply Emergency repairs, bring up the Context Menu for your Ship's Pilot:

Scuttled Ship


To apply repairs of any kind, you need Boards and Cut Cloth in your inventory. 

The minimum required for Emergency Repairs is 115 Cut Cloth and 45 Boards. This will give you 5 minutes of Emergency Repairs before the repairs give out. You can use more resources for more Emergency Repair time.

Scuttled Ship

If you engage in any Ship Combat while under Emergency Repairs, the repairs will immediately give out.

Once you make it to the nearest shore, you can start applying Permanent Repairs to your ship through the context menu. You will need Boards and Cut Cloth to apply Permanent Repairs, the more you can carry at once, the more you will repair.

Scuttled Ship Repairs

Repeat this process until your ship is 100% repaired.

Scuttled Ship Repair


Repair Your Cannons

Sometimes overlooked, but your Cannons will take damage as well. They will receive damage from enemy Cannon fire, and normal wear-and-tear from use.

Damaged Cannons

If your cannon is destroyed, you lose all resources that are in its container.

To repair your cannon, you need Iron Ingots in your inventory. Similar to repairing your ship, you need to be near the shore to apply repairs to them. Bring up the context menu for each cannon and choose to repair it.

Repair Cannon

Repairs will take a couple hundred ingots at most, depending on the condition.

Repair Cannon


Now you can head on back onto the High Seas for revenge!


Repairing Tips

Having the repairs performed by a crafter (Carpentry and Tailoring) will reduce the amount of resources needed.

A GM Carpenter will reduce the amount of wood required by half. A GM Tailor will reduce the amount of cloth required by half.

The cargo hold of your ship acts as a Commodity Deed Box. The easiest way to get enough materials to your boat is to Deed it up first, then convert the Deed in your ship's cargo hold for use.

Ship's will require different amounts of resources to repair, depending on their damage and what type of ship it is.

The Tokuno Ship, for example, requires around 1600 Boards and Cloth to fully repair.


Maritime Trade Cargo


Maritime Trade Cargo

Maritime Trade Cargo are a new type of item available from various High Seas content, including:

  • Dread Pirate Ship Crews (including the Dread Pirate)
  • Dread Pirate Ship Cargo Holds
  • Dread Pirate Ship Deck Chests
  • Merchant Ship Crews
  • Merchant Ship Cargo Holds
  • Merchant Ship Deck Chests
  • Plunderbeacon Crews
  • Defeating the Plunderbeacon
  • Sea Monsters in the Water (Sea Serpents, Kraken, Water Elementals)

These crates will be destined for a random town and can come in 4 different qualities:

  • Grandmaster
  • Exalted
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Grandmaster Cargo Exalted Cargo

Legendary Cargo Mythical Cargo Crate 

Grandmaster, Exalted, and Legendary Quality Maritime Cargo Crates will randomly drop from the locations listed above.

Mythical Quality Maritime Cargo Crates only come from the defeat of a Plunderbeacon.

Maritime Trade Cargo can either be turned into a Town Trade Minister for City Loyalty and Treasury Gold, or they can be sold to a Pirate Merchant in Buccaneer's Den for Doubloons.

To turn in a Cargo Crate to a Town Minister, drop the Cargo onto the crate near the Trade Minister. Turning in the Cargo to a Town Minister will give Treasury Gold based on the Quality of goods and if the cargo was destined for that town or not. See the chart below for turn-in values.:

Maritime Cargo Crate City Treasury Values

  Grandmaster Quality Exalted Quality Legendary Quality Mythical Quality
Matching Town ~150K to 190K Gold ~500K to 600K Gold ~1,000,000 Gold ~10,000,000 Gold
Non-Matching Town ~70K to 80K Gold ~250K to 300K Gold ~500,000 Gold ~5,000,000 Gold


The Pirate Merchant is in Buccaneer's Den near the Bank, and will purchase the Maritime Cargo Crate for Doubloons, depending on the Quality of goods in the crate.


Pirate Vendor

Pirate Context Menu

Maritime Cargo

Maritime Cargo Selling Value

  Grandmaster Quality Exalted Quality Legendary Quality Mythical Quality
Doubloons 100 - 200 500 - 600 ~1000 - 1100 ~10000 - 10100

Reward Items


Doubloons can be used to purchase special rewards from the Pirate Merchant in Buccaneer's Den. See reward table below:


Reward Cost Image
Shoulder Parrot 100,000 Shoulder Parrot
Wood Carving of [Ship's Name] 15,000 Wood Carving
Powder Monkey Reward Title 10,000 Powder Monkey Title
Rewards Added April 1, 2019:
Decorative Dragon Cannon 120,000 Decorative Dragon Cannon Decorative Dragon Cannon
Blundercannon 25,000 BlundercannonBlundercannon
Botswain Reward Title 15,000 Botswain Title
Rewards Added May 1, 2019:
Triton Statuette 140,000 Triton Statue
Sailing Master Reward Title 20,000 Sailing Master Title
Mysterious Statue 35,000 Mysterious Statue
Rewards Added June 1, 2019:
Spiked Whip of Plundering
Barbed Whip of Plundering
Bladed Whip of Plundering
180,000 Whips of Plundering
Pirate Wall Map 45,000 Pirate Wall Map
Quartermaster Reward Title 25,000 Quartermaster Reward Title
Rewards Added in Publish 110
Peculiar Coconut 75,000 Peculiar Coconut
Hook's Treasure Chest 180,000 Hooks Treasure Chest
Hook's Treasure Map 150,000 Hooks Treasure Map

(See color chart below)

15,000 Orchids
Fellowship Medallion 10,000 Fellowship Medallion
Landlubber Title 30,000 Landlubber
Sea Wasp Title 50,000 Sea Wasp
First Mate Title 150,000 First Mate
Pirate Lord Title 300,000 Pirate Lord
Pirate Shield Recipe 50,000 Pirate Shield Recipe
Hook's Shield 200,000 Hooks Shield
Rewards Added in Publish 117
Pumpkin Rowboat 250,000
Ruckuss Rum
(shield transmog target)
Shantyman Title 125,000
Skullcarver Skull Longsword
(Human and Gargoyle)
Plunderplucker Instrument 100,000
Deckhand Title 100,000
Swabbie Title 60,000
Boat Paints (4 Total) 50,000

Pumpkin Cannon 50,000


Shoulder Parrot

Shoulder Parrot Shoulder Parrot Dyed

The Shoulder Parrot is a statless shoulder-slot item. The parrot sits on your shoulder and is visible in the paperdoll. They can be dyed with Natural Dyes. The Grey part of the Parrot will take on the color of the dye.

Shoulder Parrot      Shoulder Parrot       Shoulder Parrot Bright Orange      Shoulder Parrot Purple

When double-clicked, the parrot will fly around you. There is a 30 second cooldown on having your parrot fly around.

Shoulder Parrot Flying      Shoulder Parrot Flying

The Should Parrot will inherit the name of the player that purchases it.
Other characters can equip the Shoulder Parrot, but the name does not change.

Shoulder Parrot Name


Wood Carving of a Ship

The wood carving is a house deco item that has a randomly assigned ship name when you redeem it. You also have a rare chance for it to be named after yourself when you claim it.

Wood Carving       Wood Carving Ararat


Decorative Dragon Cannon

This item is purely decorative and can face any direction when placing it:

Decorative Dragon Cannon   Decorative Dragon Cannon   Decorative Dragon Cannon   Decorative Dragon Cannon



The Blundercannon is a functional Cannon ship addon. It replaces the Culverin and Carronade. It is functionally identical to the other Ship cannons, but it has a unique look.



Triton Statuette

The Triton Statuette will summon an instant-bond Triton pet for you. You need GM Taming and High Seas in order to claim the statue and pet. The Statue can be traded to any character (even without taming or high seas), but it cannot be opened by them.

The Triton pet itself can be traded to any tamer with appropriate level Animal Taming Skill and High Seas enabled.

The Triton cannot be released, instead it will disappear if you choose to release it.


The Triton is a 2-slot Pet, trainable to 5-slots. It comes with Overcapped Wrestling up to 130.0, and overcapped Resisting Spells, up to 190. It is fully magical capable, and starts only with Innate Healing.

You can find the full spawn information for the Triton in the Bestiary here: Triton


Mysterious Statue

The Mysterious Statue is a large and menacing statue in a Bronze color. 

Mysterious Statue

If you have GM Carpentry, you can learn additional information about the Statue by double-clicking on it:

Mysterious Statue Text     Mysterious Statue Text


Whips of Plundering

The Whips of Plundering have a new Hit Special called "Hit Explosion". This on-hit proc will cast the Magery spell "Explosion" on the target, which causes Fire Damage after a brief delay. The effect is not AoE.


Barbed Whip of Plundering    Barbed Whip Special Moves

 Bladed Whip of Plundering    Bladed Whip Special Moves

 Spiked Whip of Plundering    Spiked Whip Special Moves


Pirate Wall Map

The Pirate Wall Map is a house deco item that can be double-clicked to get a larger image:

Pirate Wall Map


Peculiar Coconut

Lock this down in your house and them double-click it to receive a random Palm Tree decorative item.

Palm Trees


Hook's Treasure Chest

The graphic changes depending on whether the chest is open or closed, and if it has items inside:

Pirate Chest


Hook's Treasure Map

This was an item needed for the Soulless Seduction quest, which is no longer available. It is purely a decorative purchase at this time.


Hooks Treasure Map



Choose from 3 different styles and receive an Orchid in 1 of 35 available colors (18 Common, 17 Rare)

Orchid Colors


Orchid Color Chart

~ Original Colors from Pub 104 ~

Hue Style 1 Style 2 Style 3
1100 (rare)    
1153 (rare)    
1173 (rare)    
1289 (rare)    
1918 (rare)    
2735 (rare)    
2736 (rare)    
2753 (rare)    


~ New Colors added in Pub 117 ~

Hue Style 1 Style 2 Style 3
1068 (rare)    
1092 (rare)    
1166 (rare)    
1378 (rare)    
1922 (rare)    
2075 (rare)
2729 (rare)
2758 (rare)
2759 (rare)



Fellowship Medallion

This is the medallion required for the Jolly Roger Quest


Pirate Shield Recipe

Recipe to make a blank Pirate Shield, requires Carpentry.


Pirate Shield


Pirate Shield


Boat Paints

The Boat Paints released in Pub 117 come in 4 colors:

• Dark Pink
• Dark Green
• Dark Yellow
• Dark Blue

Like other standard boat dyes, they get progressively darker with each coat of paint you apply.


Dark Pink: 1 Coat

Pink 1


Dark Pink: 2 Coats

Pink 2


Dark Pink: 3 Coats

Pink 3


Dark Green: 1 Coat

Green 1


Dark Green: 2 Coats

Green 2


Dark Green: 3 Coats

Green 3


Dark Yellow: 1 Coat

Yellow 1


Dark Yellow: 2 Coats

Yellow 2


Dark Yellow: 3 Coats

Yellow 3


Dark Blue: 1 Coat

Blue 1


Dark Blue: 2 Coats

Blue 2


Dark Blue: 3 Coats

Blue 3