Posted on: Thu, 08/09/2018 - 05:18 By: Violet

Pub 101: Khaldun Champion Spawn

Tested: 08/08/18


Level 1: Skelemental Knights & Blood
There are two types of Skelemental Knights
Energy Base:
Poison Base:


Level 2: Skelemental Mages & Viscera
There are two skelemental mage types, cold and fire. They teleport and drop aggro as they do so.
Cold Skelemental Mage:
Fire Skelemental Mage:


Level 3: Cultist Ambusher & Shadow Fiend
Cultist Ambusher
These guys are wearing the same armor they wore during the 20th Anniversary, however they picked up a new tricks, they will teleport when hit and switch aggro.
Shadow Fiend
Shadow fiends have some sort of aura that hits.  When level 3 pops if there are multiple Shadow Fiends around you they can near instant gib you.  All the stealthers who were hidden watching us complete the spawn were revealed and killed at this point.


Level 4: Scout, Corporal, Lieutenant, Captain & General
Same ones with same gear as the 20th Anniversary Invasion but without the weapons and spellbooks and A LOT less hit points.


The current boss on Test Center:
Pig The Swine