Choose Pet Type
Choose the base pet type to see how your trained pet compares to the max trainable pet of that type.

Unspent Training Points
If you have a partially trained pet, enter the remaining unspent Training Points in this field. These points will be added to the Intensity Rating of the pet so you can see the rating as if it were fully trained.

Current Slot
This is only relevant if you plan to export your trained pet to the Pet Planner. Enter your pet's current slot to get an accurate remaining point total in the planner.

Attributes, Resists, Regens, & Base Damage
Enter the appropriate Attributes, Resists, Regens, and Base Damage of your pet. Make sure your pet is not affected by Bard Auras or other Stat Buffs.

Skill Caps & Scrolls
Enter the appropriate Skill caps for your pets. This is where you enter in any Powerscrolls that you applied to the pet. This includes if your pet was tamed with Overcapped Skills (over 100) that you did not apply scrolls to, make sure you enter them.

Magic Abilities, Special Abilities, Special Moves, & AoE Abilities
Enter the appropriate trained Magics and Abilities for your pet. It is not necessary to enter any Innate Magics or Abilities, as those are determined automatically based on the pet type. Don't worry if you do enter a Magical or Ability that is also an Innate, it won't get counted twice. If you applied multiple Magical Abilities to a pet, make sure you include the dormant ones as well. Those still count towards the Intensity Rating of the pet, even if they are inactive.


Borderline Pet

This pet is an Overcapped pet and may be on the borderline threshold between and 1 slots.

If this is a slot pet, it was most likely a very high spawn when tamed. Through combat it then continued to raise its Attributes (Dex/Stam/Int/Mana) up to 125 max. This put it over the natural intensity breakpoint for a slot, becoming an overcapped pet.

If this is actually a 1 slot pet, then it is a very poor pet and was unfortunately only a few points too high from becoming a lower slot.

Pet Intensity Calculator

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Background & Details

The Pet Intensity Calculator is designed as a successor to the original Ultima Online Pet Power Calculator from Kitiara of UOCraft. With the changes to the Animal Taming system in Publish 97, the old calculator unfortunately became obsolete. The rating system was no longer relevant to correctly gauge the potential power of a pet, as you now needed to focus on the training potential (or intensity) of the pet.

We refer to this new rating as the Pet's Intensity Rating.

How The Rating is Calculated
Each attribute and skill of a pet has a training cost associated with it. This training cost is the Intensity of that specific attribute or skill. For Example: If a pet has 100 Hit Points, the Intensity Rating for Hit Points would be 300. This is because Hit Points are a 3x rating: 1 Hit Point costs 3 Training Points, so 100HP * 3 = 300 Intensity.

New Tames / Untrained Pets
For a New Tame or Untrained Pet, we add up the Intensity value of all attributes on the pet and compare it to the spawn range of that pet to derive its Intensity Rating, which is displayed from 0% (worst spawn possible) to 100% (best spawn possible). This % Rating is designed to give you a quick overview of how your pet rates compared to all spawn possibilities.

In addition to the Rating %, you want to look at the Intensity Range of that specific pet. A pet that rates 50% isn't necessarily a bad pet, particularly if the pet has a very tight Intensity Range. Make sure to consider all aspects of the pet before determining if they are worth keeping or not. To help with this, we display how many intensity points the pet is missing.

What is a Good Rating
For most pet types, a 60% rating or higher is an indicator of a good pet. 70%-80% is an exceptional pet. 80%-90% will be an amazing pet. Over 90% is extremely rare, and 100% is incredibly rare (if not impossible) to achieve.

Why Rate Based on Intensity
It is important to evaluate a pet in this manner, as it doesn't matter where the intensity comes from. A pet with 3000 Intensity will have more training potential than a pet with 2900 Intensity. This can make a huge difference in the potential of that pet, especially since some pets can have a spawn range of ~1000 intensity. The only caveat to this rule is when dealing with a pet that has overcapped resists, as you may not want 85/90 resists on those pets.

Overcapped Resists
To account for pets with overcapped resists, we have provided a way to set a Resist Threshold when rating a pet. Any resist that goes over this threshold will deduct points from the Intensity Rating of that pet. For Example: If you set the Resist Threshold to 75 for a Cu Sidhe, a pet with 78 Cold/Energy will rate higher than a pet with 85 Cold/Energy. The total intensity Value for these pets does not change, but their % rating will show higher with a resist threshold set. We allow you to set your own resist threshold because resists are a personal choice and what is desirable to some may not be for others.

Trained / Partially Trained Pets
For a Trained or Partially Trained Pet, we add up the Intensity Rating of all attributes, skills, abilities, and scrolls on a pet. If the pet is partially untrained, you may enter how many leftover points the pet has. This will give us the pet's current Trained Intensity Rating. By comparing the Intensity Rating of different trained pets, you can determine the relative training power of the pet. This can also be useful to see how good of an original spawn the pet was if you never rated it prior to training, as we an essentially reverse-engineer the Starting Intensity (not stats) or the animal.

Pet Planner
After rating your pet by using one of the options above, you will have the opportunity to send that pet to our Pet Planner where you will be able to apply various training options to see what can be possible for that pet.