Ultima Online Pet Abilites


Steal Life

Description: Trains the creature in the Steal Life special ability, causing the creature to attack with energy damage that will convert some of the damage back to health over time.
Ability Type: Special Ability
Training Cost: 100 Training Points
Mana Cost: 30
Damage: 45 Initial Damage
5 Ticks of 5 Damage
70 Total Damage
Damage Type: Energy
Proc/Spell/Replace: Procs on Hit
Stat Modifiers: None
Debuffs: Damage over Time
Healing/Buffs: Heals 100% of Damage Done
Journal Text: Text when hit: You feel your life force being stolen away!
Text when debuff fades: The drain on your life force is gone.
Other Notes: At first glance Steal Life may seem like a really powerful ability, but the Healing received is only from the damaged caused by the ability itself and not any other pet damage.

It is also post-resist damage, so against an 80 resist target, the pet will heal for 14 damage after 5 seconds.

Pets Capable of Learning Steal Life
Bake Kitsune
Bake Kitsune (Legacy)
Cu Sidhe
Grizzled Mare
Tsuki Wolf


Description: The description of the ability as given in the training menu.
Ability Type: The Ability Classificatiion (Special Ability, Special Move, Area of Effect).
Training Cost: The cost (in Training Points) required for the pet to learn this ability.
Mana Cost: The mana cost of each use of the ability.
Damage: The observed Damage Range of the ability against a target with 0 Resists.
Damage Type:

The damage type of the ability:
Phsyical, Fire, Cold, Poison, Energy, or Direct.

Note: Direct damage (also "True" damage) ignores resists.

Proc/Spell/Replace: Denotes how the ability triggers.

Proc on Hit: A 'Proc on Hit' means the ability can trigger (proc) when your pet performs a normal melee hit.
Proc when Hit: A 'Proc when Hit' means the ability can trigger (proc) when your pet is hit by an attack.
Spell: A Spell means the pet will stop all other attacks in order to cast the ability.
Replace: Replace means when the ability is triggered it will replace the next melee attack.
Stat Modifiers: Do stats (such as Str, Int, or Base Damage) appear to affect the ability damage in any way.
Debuffs: Any Debuffs the ability applies
Healing: Any Healing the ability applies
Journal Text: Text that will appear in your journal if you are hit by this ability.
Other Notes: Any other notes or observations about the ability worth mentioning.