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Publish 107: Jolly Roger Quest Guide


Ultima Online Publish 107: Jolly Roger brings with it a self-paced quest adventure.

This quest follows the storyline of Admiral Jack and The Fellowship.


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This guide contains spoilers for the entire quest!
Do not continue if you prefer to complete this on your own!

I strongly suggest at least trying it yourself first before reading the spoilers below.

If you are stuck and just need a little help, try the Hints section below first.


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Table of Contents

Admiral Jack's Shipwreck
Iver's Rounding
Castle British
Castle Sallé Dacil
Well of Souls
Tabard of Virtue and Cloak of the Virtuous
Shrine Battles
Abridged Quest Instructions






Town Crier

Town Crier





Here are some useful hints for those of you that may be stuck, but don't want a direct spoiler/answer.


  • All the information you need is given in the NPC dialogues
  • Having trouble getting started? Think back to the Gumshoe quest and maybe try a lesser used skill
  • You do not need to research old UO lore -- at most you may need a refresher on the Virtues
  • Look for subtle hints and clues within the text given by the NPCs, there are lots of them
  • You are probably over-thinking things if you are running into a roadblock
  • Patience may not be a UO Virtue, but it does help at certain points in the quest





You need to acquire a Fellowship Medallion to proceed on this adventure. You can acquire a Fellowship Medallion by performing the Blackthorn Dungeon mini-quest, which requires you to turn in 8 Fellowship Coins.

Please refer to our Publish 106 guide for more information on the collapse in Blackthorn Dungeon, and how to acquire Fellowship Coins: Publish 106: Forsaken Foes Event Guide

NOTE: The Fellowship Medallion is no longer obtainable through a quest. You can now acquire them from the Black Market Trader in exchange for Doubloons. See the Rising Tide event guide for more information.

You also want to grab a Clock from a Tinker (or some other way to tell time).

You will also need a Lute (which can be purchased from a Carpenter).



Admiral Jack's Shipwreck


This adventure starts by finding Admiral Jack's Shipwreck, as noted in the Town Crier. Head North of Moonglow to Dagger/Ice Island.

Jack's Shipwreck is located on the SE edge of the island.

Shipwreck Location




On the South side of the shipwreck, you will notice a corpse with a pumpkin head. It seems Admiral Jack did not fare too well in this crash.

There is also a snow-covered book near the corpse, unfortunately it does not seem you can read the book:

Unreadable Book


Maybe we can get a clue from Jack's corpse. Put your Forensics to the test on the corpse:

Jack Corpse


The devil is in the details. It appears Jack was clutching an Amulet dearly. Could this be the Fellowship Medallion? Equip your Fellowship Medallion and try to read the book again:



It seems something has driven Jack mad. He was headed to Iver's Rounding, West of Skara Brae when he shipwrecked. Let's go check it out and see if we can find any clues.


Iver's Rounding


Iver's Rounding is the closest island off the West coast of Skara Brae:

Iver's Rounding


A quick run around Iver's Rounding will reveal an interesting object on it, along with a familiar character:



With your Fellowship Medallion still equipped, talk to Shamino and listen to his story:

Shamino Text

Shamino Text

Shamino Text

Shamino Text


Interesting story... However trying to go into the Well of Souls doesn't work:

Well of Souls


Shamino mentioned something about other spirits nearby. Well if you happened to come to Iver's Rounding at the wrong time, you may not know what he is talking about.


Hint: Read back through Shamino's text. He seems slightly preoccupied with time. He mentions a great gathering occurred precisely at Midnight, which was no small feat. 


Stuck? read on.


Hang around for a bit, or come back between 12:00am and 4:00am (in-game time). You brought a clock, right?!

When the time approaches, suddenly what Shamino said makes a little more sense:



Go ahead and talk to the ghosts roaming around (there are 5 total). You may want to take notes on some of the conversations:







More interesting stories related to Shamino. With mention of another familiar face -- Sherry the Mouse! It says she came all the way from Britain to attend the occasion. Let's go seek her out in Britain.


Castle British


Sherry the Mouse can be found inside Castle British, inside Britain. She is on the upper level in the library:

Sherry the Mouse



Let's talk to Sherry to see what she has to say!


Sherry the Mouse

Sherry the Mouse


She asked us if we are here to play the Instruments. Might as well! It looks like there are 8 Lutes on stands throughout the room.

Clicking on one plays a specific note, and each Lute plays a unique note.


NOTE: Each Shard Has Different Lute Placements. The below is an example from BAJA.


Lute Notes


Remember the ghosts at Iver's Rounding? One of them gave the notes to a song they were going to play. Let's try to play the song!

If you didn't write down the notes from the earlier conversation with the ghost, here is the order:


  1. C4
  2. D
  3. E
  4. F
  5. G
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C5


The order of the notes is always the same, but the lute placement is randomized between shards. Find the note each lute plays on your shard and strum them in the correct order.



If you play the notes in the right order, you will unlock a box near Sherry:

Box Unlocked

Sherry Box


Opening the box reveals that it is empty. However, if you look at your journal, you will see an item  has been placed into it:

Music Sheet

Music Sheet


Double-clicking it reveals more about it:

Music Sheet


A Sheet of Music for Stones, written by Iolo themself! Looks like it is written for the Lute as well (you have one right?).

Well, not much to do with it right now. However, people keep mentioning Castle Sallé Dacil, and in Sherry the Mouse's conversation, she did mention she used to sneak into the Castle through a secret entrance in Ilshenar. Let's go find that entrance!



Castle Sallé Dacil


How are we supposed to get into Castle Sallé Dacil, it's been ruins for a long long time. The main entrance is most likely inaccessible! Well Sherry the Mouse did tell us about a secret entrance, maybe that is still passable. It has to be close to where the Castle used to stand at least.

You also may have picked up on a subtle clue in Sherry's text.. "Pure Love" she said, capitalized. What virtue is associated with Love? Compassion. Maybe Sherry is hinting that the secret entrance is somewhere near the Compassion Shrine in Ilshenar? Couldn't hurt to have a run around...


Hint: Not finding anything? Try expanding your search further and look for something small... remember, it's a secret entrance Sherry used to use.


Still not having any luck? Read below...


You can find the entrance if you...

Head to 122.25N 0.29W in NE Ilshenar:

Ilsh Map

Ilsh Map

Ilsh Map


The easiest way to get there is to run from the Compassion Shrine/Moongate and head N/NE:

Ilsh Map


You are looking for a Trap Door in the mountain pass. If you try to enter without your Fellowship Medallion, you will not be allowed to pass:


Trap Door


Equip your Fellowship Medallion and click on the Trap Door again to enter. Depending on what time it is, you may either see a ruined Castle, or a decorated Castle:


Castle Dacil


Castle Dacil


Going back to Sherry the Mouse's conversation, she mentions she was going to perform at Shamino's wedding starting at Noon on the nose. If you enter Castle Sallé Dacil between 9:00pm and 12:00pm, you will see it in ruins. If you enter it between 12:00pm and 9:00pm, you will see it decorated.

Time to break out the clock again and wait for the castle to become decorated. If you are in the castle during this transition, you get to see it happen in front of you:


Castle Transition


Now you should notice something in the bottom-right corner. Particularly a Wedding Dress and a Sandalwood Box (mentioned by Shamino himself).


Sandalwood Box


Go into this room and play Stones near the Box. You remembered to bring that Lute right? With the Sheet of Music in your pack, the Lute will now play Stones instead of the standard lute song.




You are now ready to enter the Well of Souls and help Hawkwind!

As a bonus, your Lute is now tuned to Stones, and will play the Stones theme when you use it:

Tuned Lute



Well of Souls

Head back to Iver's Rounding, equip your Fellowship Medallion, and run into the Well of Souls. You should be transported to Hawkwind:




Talk to Hawkwind to see how you can assist.


Hawkwind Text

Hawkwind Text

Hawkwind Text


You are now ready to continue on your quest for your Tabard and Cloak of Virtue!




Tabard of Virtue and Cloak of the Virtuous


To get your Tabard of Virtue and Cloak of the Virtuous, you need to complete battles at the Virtue shrines (not the Ilshenar ones). You must defeat a certain amount of "Armies" at each shrine. An "Army" is considered the defeat of a single Master. You must be alive at the time of death and have looting rights in order to get credit.


Acquiring the Tabard of Virtue


    Tabards of Virtue Tabards of Virtue


• • • • • • • • • 


Tabard of Virtue

Tabard of Virtue


• • • • • • • • • 


Tabard of Virtue

Tabard of Virtue


• • • • • • • • • 


        Tabard with Stats


• • • • • • • • • 


The Tabard of Virtue is a robe-slot item that will take on the name and color of the Virtue that you represented the most in shrine battles
(note: it has nothing to do with your virtue level through the virtue gump).

The Tabard by default has no stats and is decorative only. Once acquired, however, you can add the stats of a Hawkwind's Robe to your Tabard of Virtue by converting it (note, the Hawkwind's Robe is consumed when you do this).

Note: Tabards can be worn by Gargoyles, including the converted Hawkwind's version.

To acquire a Tabard of Virtue, you must defeat 8 Shrine Captains at the same shrine that you want your Tabard to represent. Meaning if you want a Tabard of Sacrifice, you need to defeat 8 Shrine Captains at the Sacrifice Virtue Shrine.

You also need to make sure your Virtue Title matches the Virtue that you want the Tabard to represent. You can control your Virtue Title by dropping more fragments for that Virtue at the appropriate Shrine, than any other virtue. For example, if you want the Tabard of Valor, make sure you drop enough red fragments at the Valor Virtue Shrine in order to get the title "The Valiant":

Virtue Title


The Titles you can acquire are as follows:

Virtue Shrine Title
Humility The Humble
Valor The Valiant
Spirituality The Spiritual
Sacrifice The Sacrificing
Justice The Just
Compassion The Compassionate
Honor The Honorable
Honesty The Honest


Note: These virtue titles do not work the same was as other titles (they are not set through the player context menu). They are automatically applied based on what fragments you have dropped the most of. 

You can remove the title if you do not want it anymore by travelling to the Chaos Shrine and speaking the words "I renounce virtue".


Once you complete the above requirements, return to Hawkwind in the Well of Souls, and double-click the Ankh to receive your Tabard. If you get a message that you have not fought enough for that Virtue, then you haven't done one of the steps above.


Tabard Reward Gump


You can only acquire one Tabard per character, so make sure you choose your Virtue carefully. 

Tabards can be traded and worn by anyone, they do not have to complete the quest to wear it.

Note: You can change your Virtue Title after acquiring a Tabard by dropping fragments at other shrines. This will not change the Tabard you received, nor will it allow you to get another Tabard.


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Acquiring the Cloak of the Virtuous


Cloak of the Virtuous   Cloak of the Virtuous


The Cloak of the Virtuous is a cloak/back slot item that is purely decorative. It is a new item called a "Quarter Cloak" and covers only the shoulders and upper-back of the character when worn.

To acquire the Cloak of the Virtuous, you must defeat 3 Masters at every Virtue Shrine. Once you have done this, return to the Well of Souls, and step on each Virtue Tile to prove your worth. If you are told you are not truly worthy in that virtue, then you need to kill more Masters at that shrine.

If you have killed enough Masters at that shrine, you will be told you are truly virtuous:

Truly Virtuous


Once you are worthy of all 8 virtues, the Cloak of the Virtuous will appear in your inventory:


All Virtues




Shrine Battles


Shrine Battles will occur when enough matching Mysterious Fragments are dropped at the appropriate Virtue Shrine. It currently takes 8 mysterious fragments for a Shrine Battle to begin (these do not have to be dropped by the same person).

Mysterious Fragments are acquired by completing Treasure Maps (any level).


Mysterious Fragments



When the battle starts, 3 Masters will appear around the shrine, along with a small group of enemies.

Shrine Battles


Defeat these captains to earn appropriate credit for that shrine.

To learn more details about the Shrine Battle Masters, please see our article on them here: Blackthorn Captains and Shrine Battle Masters

Shrine Battle Masters will drop items "Bearing The Fellowship Insignia". These items are decorative only, and do not have a turn-in vendor.

The items are Hue 2751.


Plate Armor 2751   Bone Armor 2751   Order Shield   Heater Shield


2751 Plate Armor   2751 Plate Armor   2751 Bone Armor

2751 Plate Armor   2751 Plate Armor   2751 Bone Armor


Common Misconceptions / Issues:

  • The same person does not need to drop all 8 fragments to start a shrine battle. 8 total fragments (that match that shrine color) need to be dropped by any number of people. This counter does not reset -- if someone dropped a fragment hours ago for a title, this will still count towards the 8 fragments needed.
  • Your Virtue Title will reflect which shrine you have dropped the most fragments on (even if you only dropped a single fragment). 
  • You cannot drop different colored fragments at the same shrine, it must match (i.e. you can only drop Orange fragments at Sacrifice, other colors will not work).
  • You can get a title even if you do not participate in a shrine battle.
  • Your virtue title must match the tabard you are trying to get. You can change your title after claiming your Tabard without it changing your Tabard. (Example, you get 'The Humble' title, and claim a Tabard of Humility. You can now change your title to 'The Valiant' by dropping fragments at Valor, and you will still keep the Tabard of Humility).
  • Titles cannot be set through the "Open Titles Menu" gump.
  • You can only change your title by dropping more fragments at a different shrine.
  • You do not need to complete the quest to gain credit for killing shrine masters. You can kill shrine masters first, and then do the quest, and still get your reward (as long as you completed the above requirements).
  • You can only get 1 Tabard, and 1 Cloak per Character.
  • You cannot change your Tabard once claimed (you can, however, trade them with other players).



Abridged Quest Instructions


In a hurry? Don't care for all the razzle dazzle and just want to know what to do to get through the quest? Then this is for you.


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  1. Get a Fellowship Medallion by turning in 8 Fellowship Coins to the NPC's in Blackthorn Dungeon, and keep it equipped.
  2. Acquire a Lute and a Clock from NPC vendors (other ways to tell time will also work)
  3. Locate Jack's shipwreck on the SE side of Ice Island.
  4. Read the book on the ground near the Shipwreck (Optional: Use Forensics on Jack's body)
  5. Head to Iver's Rounding, West of Skara Brae
  6. Talk to Shamino
  7. Talk to the ghosts on Iver's Rounding that appear between 12:00am and 4:00am in-game time
  8. Head to the second floor of Castle British and talk to Sherry the Mouse
  9. Play the Lutes in the correct order to unlock the strongbox: C4, D, E, F, G, A, B, C5
  10. Get the Sheet Music for Stones from the strongbox near Sherry the Mouse
  11. Head to Compassion Shrine in Ilshenar and run N/NE into the mountains, find the trapdoor at 122.25N 0.29W
  12. Enter Castle Salle Dacil and wait until in-game time is between 12:00pm and 9:00pm
  13. Go into the SE room (with the Sandalwood Box and Wedding Dress), and play the Lute
  14. Go back to Iver's Rounding and enter the Well of Souls
  15. Talk to Hawkwind