Posted on: Sat, 04/20/2019 - 06:12 By: Khyro

Pet Magical Ability: Ninjitsu


Ninjitsu is a very lackluster ability for pets.

We are currently still testing this Magical Ability, but current testing shows it only uses 1 ability. This may be due to the fact that pets do not seem to get Stealth alongside Hiding, which limits the number of abilities they have access to. Even taking this into consideration, they should still have access to Focus Attack and Ki Attack, but they do not seem to use these.

Magical Ability Name:  Ninjitsu
Training Restrictions:  The Pet must be a Tokuno Native
Training Cost:  601 Points (500 for Ninjitsu, 100 for Hiding, 1 to Activate)
Cost to Scroll to 120 Skill: 100 Points
Additional Specials Added:  None
Additional Skills Added:  Hiding
Passives:  Will Drop Smoke Bombs
Utilized Abilities:  Death Strike

Smoke Bomb


Cost: 10 Mana
Description: Smoke Bombs allow the player to go into hiding instantly, even while in combat. 

Ninjitsu pets will use Smoke Bombs often to immediately become hidden. This has the adverse effect of allowing the pet to drop aggro on what it is fighting, often having the enemy now target you instead.

Appearance: There is no graphic for Smoke Bomb when a pet uses it, but it has a distinct audio cue.

Death Strike

Death Strike

Cost: 30 Mana
Description: After receiving a Death Strike, if the opponent moves more than five steps, or three seconds elapses, they will suffer direct damage determined by the attacker’s Ninjitsu, the average of the target’s Hiding/Stealth and the number of tiles the target was tracked for. 

Ninjitsu pets will use Death Strike, but it is not frequent at all. It is actually quite uncommon for them to use Death Strike, even with this being the only ability they seemingly use.

Appearance: Death Strike appears as a red skull over the target and has a unique sound effect.