Posted on: Sun, 06/03/2018 - 02:41 By: Violet

Foundations: Dexterity


Dexterity controls the Movement and Follow Speed of your pet.


Dexterity has a trained capped of 150, however, there are many species of animals who have over 150 Dexterity in their wild natural state. These such pets with overcapped Dexterity will retain this amount upon tame.

There is, however, a Movement Speed hard-cap at 190 Dexterity, regardless of how much over 190 the animal's Dexterity goes.

Examples of Animals who can have over 150 natural dexterity:

• Dread Spider, spawns up to 165 dexterity
• Frost Drakes, spawns up to 182 dexterity

Examples of Animals who can have over 190 natural dexterity:

• Najasaurus, spawn up to 220 dexterity
• Phoenix, spawn up to 250 dexterity
• Tsuki Wolf, spawns up to 200 dexterity 

an example of a blood fox with over 190 natural dexterity

Dexterity has an intensity weight of 0.1 per point.

150 dexterity has an intensity weight of 15 points.