Ultima Online Pet Abilites


There are a whole lot of Pet Abilities in Ultima Online for your pet to choose from.

Here you will find a list of all the various Special Abilities, Special Moves, and Area of Effect Abilities the game has to offer your pet. When you view an ability from the list, you will see additional information about that ability:

  • The in-game Description of the ability.
  • What type of ability it is (Special Ability, Special Move, Area of Effect)
  • How many Training Points it costs for your pet to learn
  • The mana cost each time your pet uses this ability
  • The damage (if applicable) the ability does
  • The damage type (if applicable) of the ability (such as fire, cold, energy, etc.)
  • How the ability triggers (does it trigger on a melee hit, is it a casted spell, or does it replace a melee hit)
  • Will any Stat or Skill modify the effectiveness of the ability
  • Does the ability apply any debuffs to the target
  • Does the ability Heal or Buff the pet when used
  • Any special Journal entries related to the ability
  • Additional Notes and Observations about the ability based on testing

In addition, you will also see a full list of all trainable animals that are capable of learning each ability, including a picture of the animal for easy recognition, as well as a link to the Bestiary page for that animal.

Select an ability from the list on the left to get started!