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Publish 108: Datamined Content


Warning: The following page contains content datamined from the Publish 108 patch. This may include content that has not been made publicly available by the Developers yet. If you would rather experience the content as it is released by the Developers, we suggest you do not view this page.


Official Publish 108 Patch notes can be found here: Publish 108


New UO Store Items


Metal Ladder      Metal Ladder     Metal Ladder     Metal Ladder     Metal Ladder     Metal Ladder


Metal Ladder

  • A fresh take on the traditional ladder.  Can be placed as castle & non-castle version.
  • Can be dyed with normal, furniture, plant, pigment, and promo dyes.


  Garden Statue     Garden Statue  

Decorative Garden Sculpture

  • Can be dyed with normal, plant, pigment, and promo dyes.


  Wine Rack     Wine Rack     Wine Rack     Wine Rack

  Decorative Wine Rack

  • Can be dyed with normal, plant, pigment, and promo dyes.
  • Will display wine bottles in the rack when the container holds some items.


Decorative Staircase

Spiral Staircase

  • Can be placed “with” and “without” a topper
  • A spiral staircase placed “with” a topper is useful in pre-fab houses and will place a series of tiles on the above floor of the staircase.
  • A spiral staircase “without” a topper is useful in customizeable houses where customized flooring does not require the above floor to have additional tiles placed on top.
  • Will teleport a player up and down on approach
  • Can be dyed with normal, furniture, plant, pigment, and promo dyes.
  • Security settings can be set by using the context menu on the highlightable tile



New Dungeon Themed Items



Meat Hook     Meat Hook

Meat Hook


  Spiked Chair     Spiked Chair  

  Spiked Chair


  Judas Cradle  

Judas Cradle


Stocks     Stocks


Hanging Mask     Hanging Mask

Hanging Mask

Skull Fountain

Skull Fountain

Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull



Other New Artwork



Leprechaun       Leprechaun



Wizard     Wizard



EM Bear     EM Bear

EM Bear


GM Bear     GM Bear

GM Bear



List of Clilocs added in Publish 108

TID Text
1159417 Pig Statuette
1159418 Goat Statuette
1159419 Ice Fiend Statuette
1159420 Glass Kiln
1159421 Enchanted Sculpting Tool
1159422 Enchanted Granite Cart
1159423 Ethereal War Boar Statuette
1159424 Ultima Online Veteran Rewards Program
1159425 Thank you for being part of the Ultima Online community! As a token of our appreciation, you may select from the following in-game reward items listed below. The gift items will be attributed to the character you have logged-in with on the shard you are on when you choose the item(s). The number of rewards you are entitled to are listed below and are for your entire account. To read more about these rewards before making a selection, feel free to visit the <A HREF=""> website</A>.
1159426 You have already chosen ~1_COUNT~ of ~2_COUNT~ available rewards.
1159427 Statuettes
1159428 Equippables
1159429 spiral staircase
1159430 Choose an option:
1159431 Without Topper
1159432 With Topper
1159433 Glass Kiln
1159434 Enchanted Sculpting Tool
1159435 Granite: ~1_COUNT~
1159436 Enchanted Granite Cart
1159437 Anvil of Artifacts
1159438 A charge could not be refunded to the last Anvil of Artifacts tool you used, you must use this charge.
1159439 A charge could not be refunded to the last Anvil of Artifacts tool you used because the item is not in range.
1159440 A charged has been refunded to your Anvil of Artifacts tool.
1159441 The teleportation destination is invalid.  The teleportation destination must be free of objects.
1159442 Select Resists
1159443 Anvil of Artifacts (South)
1159444 Anvil of Artifacts (East)
1159445 metal ladder
1159446 *CAUTION* You are under the following EXCEPTIONAL ITEM buff. Do you want to remove it?
1159447 The next time that you try to craft an exceptional piece of armor the bonus resists will be the values input below. The required materials to craft will be increased while this buff is active. One charge on this item will be consumed per use and only one instance of this buff can be active at any time.
1159448 The magical aura that surrounded you dissipates and you feel that your exceptional item resist chances have returned to normal.
1159449 A magical aura surrounds you and you feel that your next attempt to craft an exceptional piece of armor will have favorable bonus resists.
1159450 Runic Exceptional Bonus
1159451 Exceptional Bonus
1159452 Shrine Battle Virtue Title
1159453 You are about to renounce your Shrine Battle virtue title. You may recover the title by placing a mysterious fragment at any shrine. Do you wish to proceed?
1159454 The Royal Engineers have warned of a structure in danger of collapsing near ~2_where~ at ~1_coords~!
1159455 Collapsing in: ~1_val~ seconds
1159456 Collapsing in: ~1_val~ minutes
1159457 Collapsing in: ~1_val~ hours
1159458 Collapsing in: ~1_val~ days
1159459 You can't ride a mount at your location.
1159460 Your weapon seems to have no effect.
1159461 You cannot damage this because it would put you over your weight limit.
1159462 Decorative Wine Rack
1159463 This decorative container will hold all of your prized possessions and display as either empty or full of wine bottles based on if the container is empty or full.  Can be hued with regular, natural, pigment, and Ultima Store dyes.
1159464 Decorative Garden Sculpture
1159465 This decorative garden sculpture is sure to bring an extra bit of beauty to your garden!  Can be hued with regular, natural, pigment, and Ultima Store dyes.
1159466 The Anvil of Artifacts allows a player to set the value of all exceptional resist bonuses provided when crafting an exceptional piece of armor.  When crafting with a runic tool the resulting armor is still subject to random magic item properties. (15 charges)
1159467 Dungeon Bull
1159468 Decorative Dungeon Set
1159469 decorative wall hook
1159470 decorative dungeon chair
1159471 decorative dungeon stool
1159472 decorative stocks
1159473 decorative dungeon mask
1159474 Dungeon Fountain