Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2021 - 21:26 By: Khyro

Treasures of Wildfire


Treasures of Wildfire is a new Treasures-Style Event in Ultima Online.


Available on all shards from June 24th, 2021 until September 1st, 2021


Event Info


• This event takes place within the Fire Dungeon

• Kill enemies within the fire Dungeon for a chance to have an item "of Wildfire" drop into your inventory.

• These "of Wildfire" items are the currency for this Event.

• You can turn-in "of Wildfire" items to the Artifact Trader outside of the Fire Dungeon in exchange for points (1:1 ratio).

• Spend your points at the Artifact Trader for items



Treasures of Wildfire




• Pages of Lore are Shard Bound until put into a Book of Lore. The Book of Lore does not become Shard Bound.

• The Wildfire Ostard Statue is Shard Bound, but once you open the Statue you can transfer the pet between shards.



Detailed Reward Info


Towel from the Orchid

Wildfire Towel

Additional text when double-clicked (above)





Stolen Piece Of Castambre



Castambre Heart   Castambre Heart

When double-clicked creates a heart in your inventory. Appears to have limited uses, unknown if it recharges.





Lucky Abomination Skull

Identical to a 10th Anniversary Sculpture.

Shares the same timer and does not stack.





Blood Spawn Ritual Table

Ritual Table

Additional text when double-clicked (above)





Idol of Wildfire

Idol of Wildfire

Additional text when double-clicked (above)





Soul Glass Dust

Soul Glass Dust

Additional text when double-clicked (above)





Keys To Yukio's Holding Cell


Makes a magic unlock sounds when opened.

Container is a "corpse" container.





Branch from the Tree of Strife


Additional text when double-clicked (above, typo included)