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Datamining March 22nd, 2022 Patch


Warning: The following page contains content datamined from the Patch released on March 22nd, 2022. This may include content that has not been made publicly available by the Developers yet. If you would rather experience the content as it is released by the Developers, we suggest you do not view this page.


New Artwork

Sign Post

Charcuterie Board



List of CliLocs added

TID Text


You can't hold anymore wood!


This Extravagantly Colored Egg Appears To Have Come From a Rabbit of All Things


Curiously Adorned Egg


You examine the egg and feel yourself mesmerized by the intricacies of the design and colors... almost as if you are staring into a dream. You begin to feel as if you are being drawn to someplace in the mountains...


You shake your head and snap out of the trance. You feel as if only seconds have passed, but in reality, it's been many minutes. Why would a rabbit lay such an egg? HOW could a rabbit lay such an egg at all?! You feel compelled to safeguard it.


Masterfully Grafted Sapling


This Horticulturist's Sapling Glows Brilliantly With Color And Is Truly A Masterpiece


You pick up the sapling, slowly turning it in your hands, admiring how radiant the colors are. They seem to shift between shades as you continue to move it. As you look closer you notice it is covered with a very fine powder of mushroom dust.


Supposedly when watered this dust will make the plant grow up to 10 times its size. Hah! What's next, sprinkling it with gold dust to grow gold coins?! Surely just a salesman's pitch... Maybe you should try it anyways, what could it hurt?


alchemy bonus +~1_val~


You investigate the pile of mud closer...<BR>Soft. Sticky. A mix of dirt and water.<BR>Definitely Mud.


You begin to question your decision making, as you not only have learned nothing new, you are also now completely filthy.


Yep... Definitely A Big Ol' Pile Of Mud


Pile of Mud


Decorative Plinth


Recovered From The Den Of A Treasure Hoarding Dragon


As you examine the plinth you can make out bite and claw marks embedded in the marble from the dragons that have been using this as a chew toy in their lair. You can only imagine what wondrous sculptures and antiquities it once proudly displayed.


Now that this has been recovered and restored, the only thing left to decide is what you should display upon it. It almost seems fitting to place a severed dragon head upon it... but you'd rather not have to clean up the mess that would make.


This title is obtained from the Treasures of Fey Wrath Event


Collector of Curiosities


Blight of the Fey


Portent of the Equinox


Citizens In A Frenzy As Curiously Adorned Objects Have Begun Appearing Across The Land!


Reports are coming in from across the land! Multiple sightings of small curiously adorned eggs are being discovered! These eggs have intricate designs and are colored quite extravagantly. No one knows exactly where these are coming from, but collectors are going wild for them!<br><br>We also have unconfirmed sightings of colorful creatures spotted wandering about! Could these creatures be responsible for the mysterious eggs appearing? The Town Cryer has reached out to local wildlife experts at the Moonglow Zoo, who had this to say:<br><br>"It's quite astonishing! These animals appear to be of the Leporidae family but are unlike any we have ever seen before. In fact, you would think they were a Monotreme with the behavior we have observed! We are still examining samples and unfortunately do not have any additional information at this time."<br><br>It seems these creatures have even baffled our most knowledgeable Zoologists! Are they friendly? Are they dangerous? Only time will tell!<br><br>Despite the mystery surrounding these animals and objects, citizens are throwing caution to the wind and grabbing as many of them as they can!


Awarded to ~1_NAME~ For Outstanding Valor During The Incursion of Fey Wrath


You don’t have any cloth.


Piece of a Strange Glowing Mushroom


Removed From A Gigantic Glowing Mushroom Found Within The Depths of The Hedge Maze


The piece of mushroom glows faintly in your hand as you examine it. You ponder what could have caused such a radical mutation like this. Could this be related to the strange animal behavior observed in the area?


You remember hearing about a famed mushroom expert currently studying in Ilshenar, perhaps if you seek them out they may be able to tell you more about this species of mushroom.


Ingots of Fey Wrath



Inferences and Speculation


Based on the artwork files and CliLocs, we can make the following inferences and speculations. Please note that they are not confirmed anywhere.

  • New Sign Post

  • New Animated Candles

  • New Charcuterie Board

  • New Titles?

    • Blight of the Fey

    • Portent of the Equinox

  • Easter Eggs to Collect

  • An Object With an Alchemy Bonus

  • Some Object To Increase Plant Size