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Huntsman Challenge #1: Vesper Trade Route Ambush

Chesapeake Player Event
May 2018 Huntsman Challenge

The Story

Greetings Huntsman of Chesapeake. I have been asked by Ranger Tarisber Hawkeye from the player town of Nidaros to pass along the following information!

We recently had an incident where a trade caravan full of Honey and Fish from Vesper was ambushed on its way to Skara Brae by a family of Grizzly Bears living in the woods of Nidaros! We need your help to keep the roads and our caravans safe!

For the remainder of May, anyone that helps to control the Grizzly Bear population will receive a reward. The largest Grizzly Bear slain will get special recognition and a choice between great prizes! If the largest Grizzly Bear slain is from “A Forest Outside Skara Brae”, a bonus reward will be added (as this is where the attack took place)!

Event Details

Shard: Chesapeake

Through the month of May, ending @ 11:59pm EST, anyone that turns in a completed hunting permit marking the kill of a Grizzly Bear will be automatically entered in for a chance to win various prizes.

The recorded kill with the Heaviest weight will be declared the winner. See below for prizes and additional ways to win.

The bonus hunting location for this challenge is "A Forest Outside Skara Brae". If your permit is the winning permit, and it is from the bonus location, you will win an extra reward.

To participate, obtain a Hunter's Permit from The Huntmaster located in the Ranger's Guild outside the City of Skara Brae. Click on The Huntmaster and choose the menu option for "Get Hunting Permit". Permits cost 5000 gold pieces each, which will be deducted directly from your account balance. You may carry as many permits on you as you want.


Location of the Skara Brae Ranger's Guild


For your convenience, runes to the Ranger's Guild can also be found at the following [CAH] houses in New Magincia:


You may also take the Public House Teleporter from the SW [CAH] house, which will take you to the Nidaros Hunting Lodge. From there, it is a very short run West to the Ranger's Guild:​




After acquiring your Hunting Permit(s), head out to the woods and locate a Grizzly Bear. Once you have slain a Grizzly Bear, double-click the hunting permit in your backpack, then target the corpse of the Grizzly Bear to record the kill. You can review the stats of your kill by mousing over the permit.

If you are happy with the stats of your kill, return your permit to any mailbox at the Nidaros Hunting Lodge. You may enter more than once!

Note: To be eligible, all permits must be dated in May of 2018 and they must be turned into a Mailbox before the final collection is made at the close of the contest. We will not be accepting late permits.


Permit Turn-In Location:

Endless Journey Notice

If you are an Endless Journey account, you will be unable to deposit your permit into the Mailbox. This is due to EJ restrictions for using Lock Down items. You are still able and encouraged to participate! Just ask in General Chat if anyone would be able to deposit it for you, more than likely there will be someone online that is happy to help you! If not, just send me a message and I will meet you in-game to collect your permits.


  • 1st Place
    • The winner will get their animal stuffed, mounted, and turned into a trophy (a copy of the winning trophy will also be setup in the Nidaros Hunting Lodge).
    • A Huntmaster's Champion Reward Title Deed
    • Their choice of ONE of the following packages:
      • Package One: 15 Million Gold Pieces
      • Package Two: Set of 110/115 Animal Taming Scrolls & A Soulstone Fragment Token
        • 115 Wrestling
        • 110 Tactics
        • 110 Anatomy
        • 110 Resisting Spells
        • 110 Parry
        • 110 Focus
        • 110 Meditation
        • Choice of: 120 Chivalry, 120 Ninjitsu, or 120 Bushido
      • Package Three: A full set of Elemental Double-Axes, a set of Super Slayer Bladed Staffs, and a Soulstone Fragment Token
      • Package Four: A Soulstone Fragment token, a +25 Stat Scroll, and 5 Million Gold
    • Bonus: Should the winning permit be from "A Forest Outside Skara Brae", the winner will receive an additional 5 Million Gold, plus their chosen reward package.
  • 2nd Place
    • Your choice of 5 Million Gold or a Soulstone Fragment Token
    • A trophy commemorating your near victory
  • 3rd Place
    • 3 Million Gold
    • A trophy commemorating your near near victory
  • Tie Breaker
    • In the event of a tie, the hunter that submitted the permit with the Earliest kill date will be declared the winner. If multiple hunters submit a winning permit with the same weight and date, the reward will be 20m gold and split between the winners evenly.
  • Honorable Mentions
    • At the our discretion, additional awards may be given out for certain special feats or efforts that occurred during the event.
  • Guaranteed Rewards
    • Everyone that submits at least 1 permit will get a reward!

Collecting Your Rewards
At the close of the contest, after all the kills have been tallied, we will have a brief event where we announce the winners of the contest. The event date will be announced at the close of the contest.

You must be present at this event to receive your reward. If you are unable to attend the event, just send me a message (In-Game, Stratics, or Discord) and let me know and we will make other arrangements for you to get your reward.

If you do not attend and do not make an effort to contact me, it will be assumed you do not want your reward and it will be added to the prize pool for the next challenge.

Gather your gear and sharpen your weapons!

Good luck hunters!