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How To Train Your Legacy Nightmare: Part 2 (Slots 3 > 4)

Continued from How To Train Your Legacy Nightmare: Part 1 (Slots 2 > 3)

Press the Begin Animal Training blue button and level up your animal on your choice of mobs. 

It will be heartier than the first training cycle. 

You will need 2 mobs this time.  They will each gain your pet 50% of the Training bar.


First thing to train in the second round of training of the Nightmare is Base Damage. 

Cap it out at 85/85 and train pet.  Base Damage is the most important damage modifier for a pet. 

IMPORTANT: You will need to train base damage again during the last round of training as the cap increases.

Missing this and your pet will hit for substantially less.


Next shore up Strength (Stats > Strength) and max it to 700. 

Max strength plays a large roll in damage, you want to max it on any pet you can.

Next finish giving your nightmare a nice pool of hit points. 

Stopping at 600 for now works well.  Most tamers are comfortable with this number of hits.

Next a decent Mana Pool for your mare to initially draw upon during battle.

Spend all remaining points for this round in Intelligence. 

Intelligence is mostly additional mana regeneration for pets. Again, more mana regeneneration, more ability use.

You now have a very good base nightmare and still 1501 points to train in the final round.

Final round is where you get to customize your Nightmare to your liking.

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