Welcome to the Pet Planner! Ever tame a pet and become curious as to how it will turn out once fully trained? Tired of manually calculating the training points for everything you want to apply? With this tool, you can import your pet from the Pet Intensity Calculator and spec it out as if it were fully trained. This allows you to see its full training potential and what specs may or may not work on it.

Pet Information
At the top of the Planner you will see your pet's current Intensity and your pet's Remaining Training Points. This information along with your pet's starting information is automatically imported from the Intensity Calculator. Use the available fields to add stats, attributes, resists, regens, scrolls, and abilities. As you add items to your pet, your Remaining Training Points will adjust accordingly.

Individual Caps & Combined Intensity Caps
Each individual item has a specific cap. This cap is displayed to the right of that item as (xxx Max). For example, you cannot train more than 700 Str on a pet, so next to Strength you will see (700 Max). There are also Combined Intensity Caps for certain groups:

  • Stat Intensity Cap: 3300 (includes Hit Points, Stamina, and Mana)
  • Attribute Intensity Cap: 2300 (includes Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence
  • Resist Cap: 365 Total Resists (or 1095 Total Intensity)

Overimbued Stats
If you enter a value that pushes the pet over its Individual or Combined Intensity Cap, it will be highlighted in Red. Once the issue is corrected, the color will return to normal.
If your pet has Natural Overcapped Stats, those will be highlighted in Orange. These items cannot be adjusted, and if your pet is naturally over its Combined Intensity Cap no items in that group can be adjusted.


Magical Abilities Warning

Magical Abilities in Advanced Pet Training can be quite complex and is probably one of the least understood mechanics from a lot of tamers. We will briefly go into some of the nuances with Magical Abilities and how they apply to this planner.

Magic Ability Limits
Magical Abilities are limited to 1 Ability. If you train your pet with multiple magical abilities, only the newest trained ability will be in effect. You will also not receive a points refund for any Magical Abilities that were overwritten.

The Only Exception to this rule is if a pet starts with multiple Magical Abilities at spawn. In this case, they will utilize all of their starting Magical Abilities until you train it with a different Magical Ability. Some examples of these pets would be Dread Spider, Skree, and Rune Beetle.

Overwriting Magical Abilities
This planner will show you any starting Magical Abilities your chosen pet starts with. These starting innate Magical Abilities will then be crossed out should you choose to apply a different Magical Ability. This is to reinforce the fact that only a single Magical Ability can be active at any given time through training.

Training Multiple Magic Abilities
In the Planner, once you apply a Magic Ability to "Magic 1", you will see an entry to apply a "Magic 2" ability. This is to assist you in training a pet utilizing Advanced Training Techniques.

Such Advanced Techniques would include training your pet with Poisoning to unlock Venomous Bite, Vicious Bite, Aura of Nausea, Poison Breath, and Essence of Disease. After you train one of these poisoning abilities, you can then overwrite the Poisoning Magical Ability with your preferred Magical Ability and you will keep the poisoning move you applied.

This technique can also be used to Remove Combat Magical Abilities such as Battle Defense, Slashing, Piercing, Bashing, and Wrestle Mastery. If you apply Poisoning to a pet that has Battle Defense, for example, it will also remove the Special Moves associated with Battle Defense, freeing up Global Ability Slots for better customization.

Pet Planner

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Welcome to the Pet Planner!

Ever tame a pet and become curious as to how it will turn out once fully trained? Tired of manually calculating the training points for everything you want to apply?

With this tool you can take your freshly tamed or partially trained pet and see what it will look like once fully trained! Once your pet is imported from the Intensity Calculator you will get a view of your current pet, which includes its current stats, intensity value, and remaining training points.

You will see how close to various stat, attribute, and resist caps your pet is, how point allocation works, and how your final pet can look.

To Start, visit our Pet Intensity Calculator and calculate the rating for your pet. On the results screen, there will be a link to Go To Pet Planner, which will send your pet (along with its stats) to the planner and fill in everything automatically.