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Huntmaster's Challenge


The Huntmaster's Challenge is a monthly contest held at the Skara Brae Ranger's Guild in both Trammel and Felucca.

The competition involves killing certain animals and recording their weight with a Hunting Permit.

The player(s) with the highest recorded weight at the end of the month earn reward points which can be spent on special rewards provided by The Huntmaster.



Go to The Skara Brae Ranger's Guild, on the mainland outside of Skara Brae:

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Obtain a Hunting Permit from The Huntmaster located inside the building. To obtain a hunting permit, open the context menu for The Huntmaster and choose "Get Hunting Permit".

Note: Hunting permits cost 5000 gold each (deducted from your bank automatically), and can only be used once. You can purchase as many permits as you would like.

Now that you have your Hunting Permit, pick an animal from the list below that you would like to hunt and go find and kill it.

Once slain, double-click a blank Hunting Permit in your inventory, then target the corpse of the slain animal.

You can view the stats of the animal by hovering your mouse over the hunting permit after using it.




If you are happy with your kill, return to The Huntmaster and hand him the permit (drop it on him). He will tell you if you have set a new record or not.


To view the current records, mouse-over any of the trophies on the walls of The Ranger's Guild.

Kill Record

At midnight (server time) on the first day of the month, the contest ends (i.e. the contest for June will end on July 1st, 12:00am)

However, you will not be awarded your points for any of your kills until server maintenance occurs.

If you earned points by having the largest kill for an animal, return to The Huntmaster and choose "Claim Rewards" from their context menu.

All rewards cost 1 point each.


Note: Hunting Permits (whether used or not) can be tossed in a Trash Can for 40 cleanup points each.


Valid Animals and Weight Ranges

Animal Minimum Weight/Size Maximum Weight/Size
Alligator 6 30
Allosaurus 3600 6500
Anchisaur 800 1100
Bake Kitsune 16 32
Boar 130 220
Bull 1100 2200
Cougar 64 220
Dimetrosaur 850 1200
Eagle 4 20
High Plains Boura 790 2200
Gaman 1200 7000
Giant Toad 1 15
Gorilla 150 500
Grey Wolf 59 99
Grizzly Bear 290 790
Hiryu 12 24
Kraken 300 750
Lion 280 580
Myrmidex Drone 85 215
Myrmidex Larvae 12 48
Najasaurus 260 440
Platinum Drake 1100 4800
Polar Bear 330 1700
Raptor 2 45
Sabre-Toothed Tiger 500 750
Saurosaurus 1200 2500
Scorpion 25 185
Sea Serpent 85 600
Triceratops 11000 26000
Turkey 6 24
Walrus 1800 3700
Wild Tiger 450 715


Making Trophies

Any valid Hunting Permit with a recorded kill can be used to make a trophy that you can place on display inside a house.

You will need a GM Carpenter, a Taxidermy Kit, and 10 Boards to make the trophy.

Taxidermy Kits can be purchased from Tanner NPCs.

Once you have the required skill and materials, double-click the Taxidermy kit and target the Hunting Permit.

A trophy will be made of your kill, with full details. The permit is not consumed in this process.