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How To Train Your Legacy Nightmare: Part 1 (Slots 2 > 3)

Your good ole friend should look something like this before training.  She should also be two control slots.

Select the Blue "begin animal training" button and then go visit your mob of choice.
Crazed Mage in Shame or Pirates are a good choice for this level.

You can get to 100% from one mob.

After you get to 100% select the blue Pet Training Options button.

You will get a warning that your pet's slots will increase once you apply training:

Select Yes.

A menu like this will appear.

Nightmares can keep Magery or get a new magical ability, and then they can select ONE Special Move OR Area Effect Ability (more on Magics and Special Moves later).

First off, select "Stats" from the menu on the left and Stamina.  Increase Stamina to 150. Then select train pet. 

Stamina controls the pet's swing speed. Getting this out of the way now means you don't have to worry about it later.

You will be prompted with this menu. 

When you select "Yes" your Nightmare's control slots will be adjusted and it will now be a 3 slot pet.

Next it's best to get Dexterity out of the way.  From the left Stats menu, select "Dexterity". 

Change it so it lists it as 150 and hit "Train Pet." Dexterity is the pets movement/follow speed.  You want this maxed out.

Training resists next helps with having the Nightmare survive the following levels of the training process.

You can have a total of 365 total resists across the 5 resist types. 

The following 5 screenshots will include an all around resist profile that I prefer.

Resists are a personal preference, and you should set your resists to values you are comfortable with.


Physical Resist is the most common damage type in game.  Putting 80 in this resist is rather standard


Fire resist the second most common damage type.


For the next two trains SKIP Cold and Poison resist for the time being and train Energy Resist first. Why? In case you "oops", you are not stuck with 80 cold/poison and 50 energy resist. Train 70 in Energy.


Now go back and train Cold....


...and Poison resist.

Go back to the "Stats" menu and select Mana Regen.

Select 30 Mana Regen and train pet.

This is what will keep your pet in a fight using abilities.  The more Mana Regen a pet has, the more often a pet can use abilities.


Next select Hit Point Regen from the Stats Menu and select 20 Hit Point Regen

This allows the pet to gain health while fighting.  Very useful during the training process and when off on adventures later on.

Next select Stamina Regeneration and put 5 into it. 

This will help a pet recover stamina (swing speed) should it take a big hit.

At this point you should be left with anywhere between 100-200-ish points.

Put the remainder in Hit Points (Stats > Hit Points).  If you are left with 1-2 available after that....

Put them in Mana (Stats > Mana). Train pet...

You have now completed the first train of your nightmare!

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