Posted on: Mon, 06/04/2018 - 13:48 By: Violet

Chivarly is the highest dps ability currently available to pets.  It has an assortment of utility spells that cleanse, cure and increase damage.


Chivalry Spells
Enemy of One



Cost: 20 Mana
Description: Allows a Paladin to designate the next creature he strikes as a ‘mortal enemy’ causing him to inflict 50% more weapon damage to all creatures of the same type. Damage from other creature types is doubled while the spell is in effect. Duration approximately 1.5-3 minutes, depending on skill and karma. Recasting the spell before it expires will toggle it off.
Notes: Pets will toggle this ability on and off with each cast.  At at 120 Chivalry it increases damage by 82%.  This ability stacks with other damage modifying abilities and moves

Appearance: Looks like a reddish orangeish yellowish circle surrounded by similar color sparkles.

When enemy of one is active, a hit will produce a yellow circle effect on the target.

Consecrate Weapon

Cost: 10 Mana
Description: The paladin’s weapon is temporarily imbued with the power to do damage against the target’s weakest resist. 

For players, this ability lasts for 3 to 11 seconds depending on the players karma.  All tests conducted on pets however show this is a "on next hit" ability, that after it's casted the next hit will use the targets lowest resist, it also provides a 15% damage modifier

Appearance: A rising orangeish red sword above the pet's head and blue sparkles on the pets body.

Divine Fury

Cost: 15 Mana
Description: Refreshes some stamina and gives a boost to swing speed, hit chance and damage dealt for a few seconds, but at the cost of the caster’s defense chance.

Pets with 150 stamina already have an increased swing speed, so that portion of the ability has no affect on pets.  In it unclear how Hit Chance Increase and Defense Chance Decrease affect pets, or if it does.  This is a damage increase of 16% at 120 Chivalry, it applies to the base damage formula.

Appearance: a yellowish-orange starburst surrounded by yellow and orange sparkles

Holy Light

Cost: 10 Mana
Description: Creates an area of effect around the caster, dealing energy damage. Amount of damage dealt is affected by caster’s Karma, from 8 to 24 hit points.  Will not damage hidden players

Pets are considered to have neutral karma. On a zero resist target holy light will hit for 24.  

Appearance: White starburst with white sparkles

Close Wounds
Cost: 10 Mana
Description: This is the Paladin’s healing spell, it can heal 7-39 points of damage done to himself or a valid target within 2 tiles. The caster’s Karma affects the amount of damage healed.
Notes: Close Wounds will not target a friendly within two targets with pets. 
Cleanse By Fire
Cost: 10 Mana
Description: Cures Poison
Notes: None.
Remove Curse
Cost: 10 Mana
Description: Removes all Curse effects from a valid target. Curses are timed effects shown as red icons in your debuff bar.
Notes: None.
Dispel Evil
Cost: 10 Mana
Description: Attempts to dispel evil summoned creatures and cause monsters to flee from combat.
Deals damage to Necromancers in Horrific Beast, Lich, Vampire, or Wraith forms. Caster’s Karma and Chivalry, and Target’s Fame and Necromancy affect Dispel Chance.
Notes: Will cause humanoid mobs to flee.