Posted on: Fri, 09/15/2023 - 18:15 By: Jepeth

Ultima Online Publish 116

~ Datamining from patch released on 9/15/2023 ~


New Artwork
















Tomahawk Ribeye Raw



Hiryu Trophy



Bake Kitsune Trophy



Gaman Trophy



Saber Tooth Tiger Trophy




Deceit Stained Glass


Despise Stained Glass


Spirituality Stained Glass


Valor Stained Glass


Shame Blanket


Wrong Blanket


Compassion Blanket


Honesty Blanket













Snow Sculptures


Artisan Holiday Tree





Holiday Pillows











Holiday Rug Pieces





Snowy Lamp Post

Single Player Ultima and Ultima Online

Box Cover Art Posters


Ultima I



Ultima II



Ultima III



Ultima IV



Ultima V



Ultima VI



Ultima VII


Ultima VIII



Ultima IX



UO Charter Edition



The Second Age






Third Dawn



Lord Blackthorn's Revenge



Age of Shadows



Samurai Empire



Mondain's Legacy



Stygian Abyss



High Seas



Time of Legends




Unused in Publish 116 Mondain's Legacy multi-tile art.


Unused in Publish 116 Mondain's Legacy multi-tile art.


List of CliLocs added

TID Text
1161762 Burning
1161785 26th Anniversary Gift Bag
1161786 In Commemoration Of Twenty Six Amazing Years! Thank You And Happy Anniversary!    
1161789 Ultima Series
1161790 UO Expansions & Boosters
1161791 Ultima ~1_VERSION~
1161792 Ultima Online
1161793 Revenge of the Enchantress
1161794 Exodus
1161795 Quest of the Avatar
1161796 Warriors of Destiny
1161797 The False Prophet
1161798 The Black Gate
1161799 Pagan
1161800 Ascension
1161801 The Second Age
1161802 Renaissance
1161803 Third Dawn
1161804 Blackthorn's Revenge
1161805 Age of Shadows
1161806 Samurai Empire
1161807 Mondain's Legacy
1161808 Stygian Abyss
1161809 High Seas
1161810 Time of Legends
116182 26th Anniversary Token


Inferences and Speculation


Based on the artwork files and CliLocs, we can make the following inferences and speculations. Please note that they may not be confirmed anywhere.


  • New quests based off the Cliloc text and dead bodies?
  • New Huntmaster's Champion rewards.
  • New rugs and snowy statues for holiday gifts.