The Sacrificial Lambs [Cah]


Who We Are

We are a guild of Ultima Online players primarily located on the Chesapeake shard. Most of our members have been playing Ultima Online since 1997/1998 and have seen the game go through most of its major changes. We associate the Sacrifice virtue with our guild and have adopted its mantra of Cah as our guild tag.

Violet Darkthorn is our founding member and current guild leader. Violet has been playing Ultima Online on and off since 1997 and has always primarily played a tamer.

What We Do

We specialize in Animal Training in Ultima Online. We take the time to thoroughly test pets and builds so we can present to you the most accurate data possible. We do more than just Animal Taming though, Khyro was a Sampire before a Tamer and has spent a lot of time theorycrafting Warrior builds as well. Our goal is to have a healthy mix of content of all kinds on our site eventually.



Some of our members have more in-depth profiles available and they can be viewed on the Members page. In these profiles you will also find a list of stabled animals if they are a tamer, and a little history about their companions. Some of our members prefer to not have profiles, and others haven't gotten around to making them yet~

Violet Darkthorn Khyro Khaelor
Bisbane Fret Deamocles Tarzan
Saloh Brackus Rhyko
Spahr Mortimer Ringmaster
Doc Laika McFoley
Amanin Manties ArdyHarhar Sewwy
BrackusSmith Smithy Skyler Frett
Mr Yukk Asarta Pretender



Some of our members have contact information in their profiles, feel free to reach out to them if you want. Otherwise you can find us on Chesapeake during primetime evening hours (and often all hours~).

Just look or ask for Violet, Khyro, or anyone from the [Cah] guild.