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How to Specialize Your Legacy Nightmare in Chivalry

Continuation from How to Train Your Legacy Nightmare: Part 3 (Slots 4 > 5)

Go into Pet Training, choose Special Moves, then choose Armor Ignore, and Train Pet.

Armor Ignore does 90% of your max damage, bypassing all resists. It is classified as Direct damage.

Armor Ignore is a very powerful move, especially when paired with Chivalry.


Now go into Magical Abilities, and choose Chivalry, and Train Pet.

Note: The tamer needs to be Positive Karma in order for Chivalry to appear in the Magical Ability list. If you do not have positive karma, you can either farm yourself up to positive karma temporarily, or transfer the pet to a friend that has positive karma and let them add Chivalry for you. 

Now you want to add Power Scrolls to your pet. Power Scrolls must be in the top layer of your backpack to be added.

You apply your power scrolls in the Increase Magic Skill Caps and Increase Combat Skill Caps menus.

First you want to increase your Chivalry skill by applying your Power Scroll.

Go to Increase Magic Skill Caps, choose Chivalry, then increase the power to match your scroll. 

Next, add your Focus, Meditation, and Resisting Spells scrolls from the same menu.

Now go into the Increase Combat Skill Caps menu.

Add your Wrestling, Tactics, Anatomy, and Parry scrolls.

If you used all 120 Power Scrolls, you should have a little points left over.

Allocate the remaining points as you see fit.

If you did not apply full 120 Power Scrolls, I recommend saving enough Training Points so they can be allocated later.

If you are only using 110 scrolls you should save 305 points.

If you are only using 115 scrolls you should save 155 points.

Make sure not to click the big red Cancel Training button if you are saving points to apply scrolls later

A personal recommendation for the remaining points not being set aside for scrolls isadding another 5 points into Stamina Regen

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