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Chesapeake Meet & Greet: July 29, 2019


[Crystal] Kyronix says: Greetings Chesapeake!

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ok guys
[Crystal] Mesanna says: thanks for coming
[Crystal] Mesanna says: let's begin

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Good evening

[Crystal] Romulus says: hello

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!

[Crystal] Romulus says: i have 1 qyestion has 2 parts
[Crystal] Romulus says: first
[Crystal] Romulus says: any chance of a marble and sand stone quaery?
[Crystal] Romulus says: to make marble and sandstone tables and benches?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: for furniture?

[Crystal] Romulus says: i know also is some marble wall carvings
[Crystal] Romulus says: yes

[Crystal] Mesanna says: furniture maybe

[Crystal] Romulus says: and some sand stone carvings in fidler

[Crystal] Mesanna says: wall carvings

[Crystal] Romulus says: the benches and tables mostly

[Crystal] Mesanna says: no, there is an issue with them sinking into the walls"
[Crystal] Mesanna says: so they are a bit more difficult

[Crystal] Romulus says: right
[Crystal] Romulus says: is a raising issue i seen with them
[Crystal] Romulus says: second part
[Crystal] Romulus says: we have alot of land no housing can be done in
[Crystal] Romulus says: id like to ask in consideration
[Crystal] Romulus says: to set some land up

[Crystal] Mesanna says: are you speaking of Malas?

[Crystal] Romulus says: for a player cemetary with tomb stone with
[Crystal] Romulus says: player name grave dirt
[Crystal] Romulus says: this helps returning players
[Crystal] Romulus says: able to find
[Crystal] Romulus says: a old friend
[Crystal] Romulus says: let them know if they have passed
[Crystal] Romulus says: in rl
[Crystal] Romulus says: or if they not there
[Crystal] Romulus says: have moved on to other game

[Crystal] Mesanna says: wow umm

[Crystal] Romulus says: player cememtary would be easier
[Crystal] Romulus says: so not to load lands down
[Crystal] Romulus says: with grave spots
[Crystal] Romulus says: would be more digified
[Crystal] Romulus says: for players who have played and spent

[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol no land can be used in a better manner, since we already have headstones"

[Crystal] Romulus says: but

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we place in non housing areas for our friends that have passed

[Crystal] Romulus says: but to cut down
[Crystal] Romulus says: on tons of items
[Crystal] Romulus says: and make it more
[Crystal] Romulus says: deserving
[Crystal] Romulus says: to people who have spent time and money
[Crystal] Romulus says: in uo
[Crystal] Romulus says: i think be more digified
[Crystal] Romulus says: and we all
[Crystal] Romulus says: could not ask any less
[Crystal] Romulus says: for the suport

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you for the suggestion

[Crystal] Romulus says: from those that have gone
[Crystal] Romulus says: thankyou
[Crystal] Romulus says: for your time

[Crystal] Mesanna says: have a good evening

[Crystal] Romulus says: and consideration

[Crystal] Mesanna says: step onto the teleporter

[Crystal] Romulus says: first time here

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ahh

[Crystal] Romulus says: ok ty

[Crystal] Mesanna says: welcome

* * *

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: Weeeeeeeeeee
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: dat wuz fun

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Good evening

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: AARP big grate hummiez
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: uh oh meez recording broke
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: okiez umm
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: fish lady sabed all meez bcratez fur jhelo,"
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: will meez still beez able to donate to da town once all da cratez stop fur good?

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Via the town stone?

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: meez hab ober 600mil worth to donate still

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Or by turning the crates in?

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: turn in crates
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: meez maxed atm but when it empties uh bit meez filler rite bak up

" [Crystal] Kyronix says: Yes, the towns will continue to accept the crates"

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: YAY

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Once the maximum balance comes down

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: girkle :D

[Crystal] Kyronix says: And the coffers need more help

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: meez lubz dose crate :D
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: next weez hab sum slow hummiez when dere uh full partie fur Medusa
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: da gate poofs
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: kan yooz make it last uh little longer?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we can look into it

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: girkle :D
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: last tingie meez citizenz ob jhelom hab been cryin fur stabl eund uh alchemist bulk order guy
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: iz dere anytig meez kan dooz to git demz wun?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we will come up with something

[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: YAY Girkle berry much :D
[Crystal] SweetPeez Meezad says: okiez yooz souper big hummiez hab uh guud nite

[Crystal] Mesanna says: you also

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Good evening

[Crystal] Vixen says: Hail Oh Mighty Light One
[Crystal] Vixen says: Are thy Minions being good and well behaved?
[Crystal] Vixen says: I have a request from a Milkman who is at work driving the dairy truck.

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Always

[Crystal] Vixen says: He ask if it would be possible to have exploding pumpkin we throw for Halloween.

[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Hrmm

[Crystal] Mesanna says: I thought we had those
[Crystal] Mesanna says: we can look into that
[Crystal] Mesanna says: sounds fun

[Crystal] Vixen says: thank you'good night

[Crystal] Mesanna says: you also

* * *

[Crystal] Cinderella says: good evening

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Cinderella says: will there be new items added to horn of plenty
[Crystal] Cinderella says: and trick or treating
[Crystal] Cinderella says: ?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: yes for trick or treating

[Crystal] Cinderella says: awesome

[Crystal] Mesanna says: don't think we are adding to the horn this year

[Crystal] Cinderella says: thanks for all your hard work

[Crystal] Mesanna says: our plates are pretty full

[Crystal] Cinderella says: loving the high seas content

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Thanks for playing!

[Crystal] Cinderella says: have a good night

* * *

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: Hello All

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Good evening

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: My question is...
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: will it ever be possible for old style castle and keeps footprint to be used in house building contes
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: t

[Crystal] Mesanna says: umm they are

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: so those who have a tree or stone or something that blocks
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: no no i mean
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: with the same exact footprint
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: so those that have items in their courtyards
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: like a tree or stone that blocks a flat plot
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: anyone who owns a keep or castle with a tree in the open areas can't use any new designs

[Crystal] Mesanna says: this is true
[Crystal] Mesanna says: because the tree is not going to be removed
[Crystal] Mesanna says: and you can not have a tree in your house

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: right

[Crystal] Mesanna says: it was not designed that way =)

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: but if the footprint could accomodate it to begin with
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: then couldn't we build around it with new designs?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thats just not possible at this time

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: ok in that case
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: can i have a fish barrel that organizes all my fish?
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: built like DJ locker?
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: or seed tray?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good idea

[Crystal] Lily Grace says: hmmm?
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: Thanks for your time
[Crystal] Lily Grace says: *smiles*

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: hello

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: my question is about the new loot update since the tmap update

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: why is there so much fortified and of defense dropping now

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: can this be fixed ot turned down
[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: or*

[Crystal] Mesanna says: one sec

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Can you tell me if its occuring in a specific package or all of them?

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: its everywhere not just tmaps

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: corgul, champions tmaps"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: then thats RNG and we have not changed it

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: its literally over 50% of all loot now

[Crystal] Kyronix says: The treasure map update did not change the way loot is fundamentally generated

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: it was never that much before

[Crystal] Kyronix says: And if you are experiencing something game wide it's something we would have to delve into much deeper

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: seems to have started after the ptch to fix the carto glasses
[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: i have stopped playing due to this issue
[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: went bac kto ps 4
[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: lol
[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: pls fix it asap

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we will look into it
[Crystal] Mesanna says: and see if we see the same
[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you

[Crystal] Lady Smashido says: thanks

[Crystal] Mesanna says: welcome
[Crystal] Mesanna says: Have a good evening

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: Hello all =)

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Greetings!

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: had an answer already to one Q
[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: but theres more
[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: from the wife:

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ok

" [Crystal] Uriah Heep says: Can u fix it, where talking in Global doesn't unhide you?"
[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: she says it reveals you

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we can look into that
[Crystal] Mesanna says: pretty sure we have it in our system already

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: thanks for adding more items to turn ins

[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: any time frame on more rewards?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we are keeping the list up to date

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: diff rewards?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: no sir

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: last one
[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: and you knew it was coming

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: timeframe on Beacon being fixed?
[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: or are we past thyat point by now

[Crystal] Kyronix says: You mean the firing issue with the crew being dead?

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: aye that

[Crystal] Mesanna says: on our list to do

[Crystal] Kyronix says: It's being investigated for a possible fix to go out with the current publish

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we are aware of it

[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: that would be sweet!
[Crystal] Uriah Heep says: okies, thanks to all"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you

[Crystal] Kyronix says: We are still looking for steps to reproduce it

<32683705>Cinderella: still fires near shore

[Crystal] Kyronix says: So if you, or anyone has them, that would be most helpful"

* * *

[Crystal] Phoenix says: 'ello

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Thank you!

[Crystal] Mesanna says: hi

[Crystal] Phoenix says: Now
[Crystal] Phoenix says: I must admit I have not not

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!

[Crystal] Phoenix says: sent a million pigeons
[Crystal] Phoenix says: or been to alot of Meet and Greets in protest

[Crystal] Phoenix says: But, if necessary I will start"

[Crystal] Phoenix says: Those of us rare aquarium fectionattos

[Crystal] Mesanna says: hrm

[Crystal] Phoenix says: Are tired of only catching Minocian Blues

[Crystal] Mesanna says: stop

[Crystal] Phoenix says: they are a small garbage fish

[Crystal] Mesanna says: talk to me after the upcoming publish
[Crystal] Mesanna says: you will be very happy

[Crystal] Phoenix says: Thank you

[Crystal] Mesanna says: even more than you can expect

[Crystal] Phoenix says: So I can plan a fishing party game

[Crystal] Mesanna says: sure
[Crystal] Mesanna says: and more

[Crystal] Phoenix says: That is all!
[Crystal] Phoenix says: Keep up the good work!

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Greetings

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: Greetings everyone and welcome to Chesapeake.

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: for the pirate firing bug, i nominate Khyro to send a detailed and lengthy note via pigeon on how to replicate it"
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: I will get him to work on that right away~~

<37600195>Khyro: wait, what now"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we would appreciate it

<29208818>SweetPeez Meezad: YAY purpel lady make yooz hummie slabe wurk!

<37600195>Khyro: ill have to borrow some more pigeons

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: two questions

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: 1. how would we go about getting our website added to the list of fansites on

[Crystal] Mesanna says: that is doable email me

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: 2. with the removal of bamboo, is there a way to possibly get Shadow Iron granite added to the housing tool"
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: so that we can actually have houses with walls people can see~
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: I'm sure shadow iron walls would be a popular choice in the housing menu

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ok so
[Crystal] Mesanna says: Bleak put in the option in the upcoming publish
[Crystal] Mesanna says: that allows you to have the option to see the items in a house

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: It's not about items inside the house
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: but the house itself
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: people can watch me get dressed now!~

[Crystal] Mesanna says: since some people have old computers not they will have an choice for performance

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: the art is already in there with stonecrafting
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: it would just be a more prefabbed designs like all the other walls

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ok so question

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: I dont want to lag, people, I just want to be able to make a shadow house that loads"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: I might be confused by what you are asking

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: Okay
[Crystal] Mesanna says: so
[Crystal] Mesanna says: you want us to add it to customized housing right

<32683705>Cinderella: she wants the traditional walls in black, added to customization"
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: yes the customized housing tool, like all the other set walls"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ok so its not a no

<8024290>Hikaru: might as well add all the granite colors

[Crystal] Mesanna says: but we do need to do an update to customized housing to fill in the missing pieces

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: I just hope it's not my mom's ""maybe""~"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: so when we do that
[Crystal] Mesanna says: we can add other walls
[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol
[Crystal] Mesanna says: no a maybe
[Crystal] Mesanna says: just when we can get to it

[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: I think even as an addon pack, people would buy"
[Crystal] Violet Darkthorn says: Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your stay on Chesapeake"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you
[Crystal] Mesanna says: and good evening

* * *

[Crystal] Bob says: Hello, and thank you all for being here tonight"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Bob says: I was wondering if there was any progress on the new vendors, first mentioned in the newsletter last July"
[Crystal] Bob says: and when they might be introduced

[Crystal] Mesanna says: look for a new vendor in the upcoming publish

[Crystal] Bob says: Thank you!!!

[Crystal] Mesanna says: it will be on TC when we put it for testing
[Crystal] Mesanna says: please check it out

[Crystal] Bob says: Absolutely! This should make a lot of people happy
[Crystal] Bob says: Thanks again, and good night!"

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening
[Crystal] Dieb says: hail all
[Crystal] Dieb says: simple request from me
[Crystal] Dieb says: i'd like a sort function by column for Davies Locker

[Crystal] Mesanna says: yes we know
[Crystal] Mesanna says: I swear that is on our list to do

[Crystal] Dieb says: aight
[Crystal] Dieb says: thanks

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

* * *

[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: howdy
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: all kill
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: 1st
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: can we get a wine rack to display all the nioce wine you
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: gave us
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: and player wines

[Crystal] Mesanna says: yes
[Crystal] Mesanna says: we have had it requested before
[Crystal] Mesanna says: great idea

[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: all guard me
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: 2nd
[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: can we make shard events shard drop only

[Crystal] Mesanna says: nope
[Crystal] Mesanna says: players will eat us alive

[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: 3rd can you sine my wine bottle

[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol no

[Crystal] Lady MiLin says: lol thanks

[Crystal] Mesanna says: but I can drink it

* * *

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: Greetings

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: I'm nervous so bear with me please folks

[Crystal] Mesanna says: don't be
[Crystal] Mesanna says: you are fine
[Crystal] Mesanna says: remember
[Crystal] Mesanna says: we can not eat you

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: The player behind me designed the town banner of Nidaros
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: and she saw it erected
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: She quit UO for 9-10 years
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: then returned this past December

[Crystal] Mesanna says: welcome back

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: I have had a warm welcome on my return from those here

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Chessy is a great shard

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles and nods*

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: During my absence
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: one of the hovering wisps has moved
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: Could that be corrected?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: have them email me the location and I can fix it

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: Uhm...Violet might help me with that
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: or I will try
[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: Thank you very much

[Crystal] Mesanna says: you can do it at

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: You mean the coordinates of the banner?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: yes
[Crystal] Mesanna says: you can use a sextant

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: Okay, yes I can do that"

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: I think once you look, you might see the problem. The wisp shouldn't be in the grass"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: I built it
[Crystal] Mesanna says: so I am pretty sure I can fix it pretty easy

[Crystal] Jayne Carlisle says: Okay, thank you"

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles and waves*

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you
[Crystal] Mesanna says: and welcome back

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles bright!*

* * *

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Greetings

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Long time ago you asked for and I sent you a very long list of housing tiles that are in the files that could be added to the housing custom menu...
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Do you still have that?
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Or do I need to make it again?
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: I as in (Malag)...

[Crystal] Mesanna says: no you do not

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Very well I shall make the list again

[Crystal] Mesanna says: no
[Crystal] Mesanna says: you do not need to make another list
[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: You also asked me to tell you all the ones that need tiles made. Because the files are incomplete..
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: So you have no intention of updating the housing menu? It seriously needs updated.

[Crystal] Mesanna says: yes we know that is what I was talking about earlier with the housing update

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: There are dozens of tiles that well ought to be in it

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Amber

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we just went over this, we are going to update it"

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: And Can I please pretty please get a Despise snowglobe for Christmas? I don't see why this particular globe is gone so long unavailable to the public.
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: It was NEVER given out
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: And my collection has gone incomplete for years because of it.
[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Now maybe it's been an oversight but I really would like one.

[Crystal] Mesanna says: when we give them out again we will make sure its on the list

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Thank you I want to finish my collection and I can't.

[Crystal] Mesanna says: of course

[Crystal] Amber Dawn says: Thank you... sure you don't need that list?

[Crystal] Mesanna says: positive

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles and waves*

[Crystal] Mesanna says: have a good evening and thank you

* * *

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: hi

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: first can u up grade pessless boss loot
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: for more ledgerys drop
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: more people will do them if u do

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we have talked about that
[Crystal] Mesanna says: so stay tuned

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: be nice
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: may be add new items to

[Crystal] Mesanna says: with the loot?

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: to them
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: ledgerys amor
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: and is there still no name amor drops in uo
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: or then gone
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: if gone can u bring back

[Crystal] Mesanna says: no name armor drops?

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: and 3rd ill liek to talk to u after the event in privt
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: if u got 5 mins

[Crystal] Mesanna says: ok

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: we can go to jail or some thing

[Crystal] Mesanna says: I will be happy to send you to jail after =P

[Crystal] Blue Berry says: lol
[Crystal] Blue Berry says: ok thanks

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles and waves*

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you
[Crystal] Mesanna says: good evening

* * *

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Greetings!

[Crystal] Khyro says: Wee, that's a bit of a rush"
[Crystal] Khyro says: Hello!

[Crystal] Khyro says: I know this has been asked before, but"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: being teleported?

[Crystal] Khyro says: Yes~ a fun rush

[Crystal] Mesanna says: *grins*

[Crystal] Khyro says: Any plans for a store item to allow gear transmogs? Allowing items to be changed cosmetically only
[Crystal] Khyro says: A helm into a Dragon Helm for example
[Crystal] Khyro says: Or just so not every caster is wearing a Hawkwind's Robe

[Crystal] Mesanna says: that is still on the table of discussion

[Crystal] Khyro says: It would be great for customization

[Crystal] Mesanna says: as to how and when still talking
[Crystal] Mesanna says: when we come up with a final dicision we will let you know

[Crystal] Khyro says: Ok, as long as it's not ruled out I consider that a good thing!~"
[Crystal] Khyro says: Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated by many of us"

[Crystal] Mesanna says: it is not a no
[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you
[Crystal] Khyro says: And thanks for sending Artemis to Chesapeake, they are a great EM"
[Crystal] Khyro says: Have a great evening

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: Awe! *blush*

[Crystal] Mesanna says: good =)

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *SMiles and waves*

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Thank you for your community contributions! Very good info!

* * *

[Crystal] Tarzan says: Quick thought for addition to the store

[Crystal] Mesanna says: greetings

[Crystal] Tarzan says: To go along with the farm sets and kitchen sets

[Crystal] Tarzan says: Stable deco sets

[Crystal] Mesanna says: we do have other sets we are going to be adding

[Crystal] Tarzan says: I could become rich selling them to my guild

[Crystal] Mesanna says: lol

[Crystal] Tarzan says: Thanks!

[Crystal] Mesanna says: most welcome

* * *

[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: Hail
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: =)

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Greetings

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Hello!

[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: Reqest
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: Please put trash can back at Lun a Bank
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: it has poofed

[Crystal] Mesanna says: luna hates it

[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: lol

[Crystal] Mesanna says: I have replaced it several times

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *chuckles*

[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: oh
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: oh my
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: =(
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: burn Luna down then :D
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: Thank You!
[Crystal] Lord Herman Vermin says: =)

* * *

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles and waves*

[Crystal] Mesanna says: thank you

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Thank you for having us tonight

[Crystal] Mesanna says: Good night Chessy

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: *smiles* Thank you so much for coming over to our humble shard!

[Crystal] Kyronix says: Thank you everyone for attending!
[Crystal] Kyronix says: And the great questions
[Crystal] Kyronix says: Enjoy the evening!

[Crystal] Bleak says: Goodnight!

[Crystal] EM Artemis says: Good night everyone!!