Choose Pet Type
Choose the base pet type to see how your trained pet compares to the max trainable pet of that type.

Unspent Training Points
If you have a partially trained pet, enter the remaining unspent Training Points in this field. These points will be added to the Intensity Rating of the pet so you can see the rating as if it were fully trained.

Current Slot
This is only relevant if you plan to export your trained pet to the Pet Planner. Enter your pet's current slot to get an accurate remaining point total in the planner.

Attributes, Resists, Regens, & Base Damage
Enter the appropriate Attributes, Resists, Regens, and Base Damage of your pet. Make sure your pet is not affected by Bard Auras or other Stat Buffs.

Skill Caps & Scrolls
Enter the appropriate Skill caps for your pets. This is where you enter in any Powerscrolls that you applied to the pet. This includes if your pet was tamed with Overcapped Skills (over 100) that you did not apply scrolls to, make sure you enter them.

Magic Abilities, Special Abilities, Special Moves, & AoE Abilities
Enter the appropriate trained Magics and Abilities for your pet. It is not necessary to enter any Innate Magics or Abilities, as those are determined automatically based on the pet type. Don't worry if you do enter a Magical or Ability that is also an Innate, it won't get counted twice. If you applied multiple Magical Abilities to a pet, make sure you include the dormant ones as well. Those still count towards the Intensity Rating of the pet, even if they are inactive.


Borderline Pet

This pet is an Overcapped pet and may be on the borderline threshold between 3 and 4 slots.

If this is a 3 slot pet, it was most likely a very high spawn when tamed. Through combat it then continued to raise its Attributes (Dex/Stam/Int/Mana) up to 125 max. This put it over the natural intensity breakpoint for a 3 slot, becoming an overcapped pet.

If this is actually a 4 slot pet, then it is a very poor pet and was unfortunately only a few points too high from becoming a lower slot.

Pet Intensity Calculator

Calculator for New or Untrained Pets
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Physical Resist:
Fire Resist:
Cold Resist:
Poison Resist:
Energy Resist:
*Note: Uncheck this to get a more accurate rating on a lower end Multi-Slot pet.

Overcapped Skills
Wrestling: Resisting Spells: Eval Intelligence:
Tactics: Magery: Poisoning:

Choose Pet Type
Choose the base pet type to see how your tame compares to the possible spawn range.

Attributes & Resist
Enter the attributes and resists of your pet. Since most pets can gain to 125 stats for free, you can enable to checkbox to rate stats at 125 minimum.

Overcapped Skills
If your pet was tamed with Overcapped Skills (over 100), make sure you enter them. Only enter the post-tame skills, not pre-tame. Overcapped skills are included in the intensity rating as they can significantly impact the training potential of a pet.


Intensity Rating: -896.81%
Intensity Value: 2533
4057 From Intensity Cap   •   Intensity Range: 6183 - 6590
 White Wyrm (Legacy) Intensity  
Intensity Values Rating
Actual Cap Actual Cap Total %
Hits: 375 1368 125 (0) 456 -1882.6%
Stamina: 62 65 125 (0) 130 -348.3%
Mana: 62 212 125 (0) 425 -989.7%
Strength: 375 2280 125 (0) 760 -1848.7%
Dexterity: 12 13 125 (0) 130 -348.3%
Intelligence: 62 212 125 (0) 425 -989.7%
Physical Resist: 0 210 0 70 -366.7%
Fire Resist: 0 75 0 25 -150%
Cold Resist: 0 270 0 90 -800%
Poison Resist: 0 150 0 50 -400%
Energy Resist: 0 150 0 50 -400%
Total Resists: 0 855 0 285 -418.2%
Wrestling: 0 0 100 100 --
Tactics: 0 0 100 100 --
Resisting Spells: 0 0 100 100 --
Magery: 0 0 0 0.0 --
Eval Intel: 0 0 0 0.0 --
Poisoning: 0 0 0 0.0 --
Base Damage:8517-25 --
Innate Magical:1500Magery
Innate Abilities:0No Innate Abilities --
Totals: 2533 6590 -896.81%


  If a cell is highlighted in this color, it means it is either reporting as overcapped (over 100%) or undercapped ( under 0%) and you should double-check the data that was entered.
  If a cell is highlighted in this color, it means a Resist Threshold was set for this resist. The true natural resist cap is displayed after the threshold as (##). A Resist Threshold will alter the pet rating.
Understanding The Rating

Intensity Rating %
This is the rating of a pet and indicates how it compares to the best possible spawn of that pet. A 100% rating is truly quite rare, if not impossible.

Do not be discouraged if your pet ranks a lower. This is not a pass/fail system, but merely where it falls in the potential spawn range. A 0% Rating is equally as rare as a 100% rating.

Intensity Value
The total intensity (or imbue) value of all Attributes, Resists, Skill Caps, and Innate abilities added up. These values are derived based on the training point cost of each.

Below this rating is the potential spawn range of the pet (if selected) to show you the min and max spawn intensity values.

Intensity Details
Next to each stat is the Individual Rating of that specific stat. This can be useful to show where the pet might be falling short in its overall rating.

If a pet type was selected, you will also see intensity ratings for Base Damage, Innate Magical, and Innate Abilities. These are static ratings based on the pet type selected. Innates are important to account for, as they still add to the total intensity of a pet, and are typically responsible for the Control Slot a pet will spawn at.

Over or Under Imbued?
If your pet rates over 100%, or any individual stat rates a negative %, please double-check the selected pet type, the data you entered, and that you are entering the stats for an untrained pet. Untrained in this case means it has not undergone Advanced Animal Training.

If you verified the above information and you are still getting incorrect results on the calculator, please report the issue to us so we can investigate and correct any database issues.